Why Mugs Are the Perfect, Customizable Holiday Gift

Whether it’s a Monday morning or a rainy day, there’s a mug for every mood.
Alex Loh
November 03, 2020
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“I have too many mugs,” is never a statement that I will say. As someone who loves nothing more than to curl up with a good book and a mug of tea, I’m constantly adding new ones to my collection. Whether it’s , I truly believe that there’s a mug for every occasion.

And that’s why mugs make the perfect holiday gift! Not only are they a practical gift that you’ll actually use every day, but mugs are easily customizable. You can find a mug for everyone in your life—including options for the animal lover, the pop culture fanatic and the friend working from home. There’s a mug for everyone, and we’ve pulled together our favorite ones to make your holiday shopping a little easier. 

For the Animal Lover

| Credit: West Elm

If your loved one is an animal lover, there are endless options to choose from. Get a mug that reminds them of their pet, whether it’s (buy it: Etsy, $18).

For Your Mom, Sister or Any Other Family Member

| Credit: Anthropologie

For your family, you can never go wrong with a mug featuring their initials. My sister, father and I all have the same initials so there’s an endless supply of ‘A’ mugs in our cabinet. You can easily find ones that fit your family members’ differing styles, like (buy them: Anthropologie, Williams Sonoma or Crate & Barrel, $13-$14).

For Those with the Holiday Spirit

| Credit: Crate & Barrel

There are plenty of options for showcasing your holiday spirit. You could get one that’s shaped like (buy them: Target and Etsy, $5-$18).

For Your Pop Culture-Obsessed Friend

| Credit: Etsy / OhThatsPerfectCo

My best friend and I could spend hours talking about pop culture topics, so it makes perfect sense for me to get her a mug that represents our favorite TV shows and movies. Whether it’s , there’s a mug for every fandom (buy them: Etsy, $10-$20).

For Those Working from Home

| Credit: Anthropologie

We all know the feeling: It’s Monday morning and you don’t really want to start the work week. But one way to stay upbeat is having a cute mug to sip your morning coffee out of. These motivational mugs with quotes like will inspire you to get through all of those unread emails (buy them: Anthropologie and Etsy, $11-$17).