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The Best Meal-Prep Container Deals on Prime Day

Don't miss out on these killer deals for meal-prep containers that will help make your healthy eating goals become a reality.
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Whether you're new to meal prep or have been doing it for years, you don't want to miss out on these awesome deals for Amazon's Prime Day. There are tons of kitchen deals, including deals for cast-iron skillets, air-fryers, Le Creuset cookware and Stasher Bags (an EatingWell favorite). But what I'm most excited for are the killer deals on all sorts of leak-proof meal-prep containers and other meal-prep accessories. Now's the time to stock up on these items, before the deals disappear!

5 Stars United Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids

Available 9:40 A.M. EST

These classic containers are a must in a meal-prepper's kitchen. Even if you don't meal prep, they're ideal sizes for packing-up leftovers. This item comes with six different glass containers, plus lids. Three of the containers hold 35-oz. and the other three hold 12-oz. The larger of the two sizes would be great for a big meal-prep salad or meal-prep lunch, while the smaller size is perfect for snacks or sides.

Like all great meal-prep containers, this product promises a leak-proof lid, which means no less mess in the fridge or your lunch box. They're safe to use in the microwave, fridge, freezer, dishwasher and oven (without the lid). With over 2,000 positive reviews, you can't go wrong with this set. Set a reminder to check Amazon when this deal opens at 9:40 A.M. EST (or 6:40 A.M. PT).

5 Stars United Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids (6 Pack), 2 Sizes (35 oz., 12 oz.)
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Razab 35-Piece Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids

Available at 6:25 P.M. EST

This 35-piece meal-prep container set is out of this world! It's like a dream come true for meal-preppers who regularly prep lots of different foods each week. It comes with 15 glass meal prep containers, plus lids, ranging in size from 5 oz. to 50 oz., so there really is one for all you meal prep needs. Maybe the best part about this set is that the glass containers fit neatly inside one another for easy storage and can be easily stacked for an organized fridge and freezer. The set also comes with five plastic containers made to hold a serving of salad dressing or dip, which helps make portion control easy.

Like the previous ones, these containers are leak-proof and safe to use in the microwave, fridge, freezer, dishwasher and oven (without the lid). Set a reminder to check Amazon when this deal opens at 6:25 P.M. EST (or 3:25 P.M. PT)—they'll go fast!

Razab 35-Piece Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids (15 lids, 15 glass & 5 Plastic Sauce/Dip Containers)
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PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box

This nifty lunch box is just what you need to tote around all your new meal-prep gear and is literally the only lunch box you will ever need. It's sturdy, spacious and has built-in freezer packs, so you can pop the whole thing in your freezer to get cold and don't need to worry about bulky ice packs taking up valuable space.

This great deal is offered on a number of different designs, including the Gray Stripe color you see in the photo below, plus the Blue Camo, Black, Spaceman, Charcoal Camp, Unicorn Pink Sky, Special Edition "P The Super HERo" print and Rainbow Sky.

PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box
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ComSaf Airtight Glass Canister Set of 3 with Lids

This set of air-tight glass containers is great for keeping foods fresh, like homemade granola, overnight oats and chia pudding. When you're not meal prepping, use these to store items like beans, pasta, rice and flour. An added bonus is that not only do they keep things fresh but also organized—win!

They come in two sizes—a 78-oz. container, plus a smaller 34-oz. container, which is what you see in the photo below. Whether you go for one size or get both, you're guaranteed to find uses for them, in and out of the kitchen.

ComSaf Airtight Glass Canister Set of 3 with Lids (34-oz)
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Bentgo Salad Lunch Container

Meal prepping salad is a great way to get in more veggies each day and with them, fiber and important nutrients. But when you go to pack them up, it feels like there are a ton of different containers to bring with—one for the actual salad, one for the dressing, one for the toppings and another one for different toppings. This bento-style salad container fixes that, with a large 54-oz. bowl for the salad on the bottom and a 4-compartment tray for storing toppings and dressings separately. It's genius! And with a $12 price tag, it just makes sense to have one of these.

Bentgo Salad Lunch Container - 54-oz. Bowl, 4-Compartment Tray
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Bentgo Bento-Style Lunch Boxes

Looking for something for the little ones? These colorful, kid-friendly containers are what you need. They're bento-style, which means there are different compartments—in this case five—for various food items, which is especially great if you have kids who don't like their food touching. The compartments sizes also make it easy to know how much to pack, as they were especially made for kids ages 3 to 7. Plus, this nifty container is leak-proof, so it won't matter if it gets a little tossed around in your kid's backpack.

Bentgo Kids Brights 5-Compartment Lunch Box
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If you're wanting one for yourself, you're in luck! They also make these leak-proof containers for adults. This one here is a set of 3, so you always have one clean for lunch during the busy week, and it has 3 compartments, which helps you portion out you meals perfectly, every time.

Bentgo Fresh 3-Pack Meal Prep Lunch Box Set
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