Fred's Unicorn Tea Infuser
Credit: Sur La Table

This Unicorn-Shaped Tea Infuser Is Equal Parts Adorable and Functional

Add a little magic to your mug.
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As the weather starts to get cooler, there's nothing I love more than curling up on the couch with a great book, a comfy blanket and a mug of tea. Besides being delicious and my go-to hot beverage, tea has also been associated with health benefits such as improving your sleep and lowering inflammation. Whenever I make a cup of tea, I prefer to steep my water with loose tea leaves as opposed to a tea bag. Now, I've found the cutest tea infuser to help me brew the perfect mug: Fred's Float Tea Unicorn Tea Infuser.

This unicorn-shaped tea infuser is designed to look like a unicorn pool float, except it's floating in a mug of tea (buy it: Sur La Table, on sale for $10.46). To use, simply add your favorite loose leaf tea to the bottom of the infuser and let it float on (and flavor) your hot water. The bottom of the infuser is made from stainless steel, while the unicorn is made from plastic. When your mug of tea is done brewing, you can clean the stainless steel bottom in your dishwasher (Sur La Table recommends using the top rack).

In addition to the unicorn-shaped tea float, you can also choose from other aquatic animals including a swan and a flamingo (buy them: Sur La Table, swan for $15, flamingo on sale for $10.46). Fred's also has other tea infusers that, rather than floating on the top of your mug, hang from the rim. You can choose from land animals like a sloth, dog, cat or llama (the llama stands directly in your mug) (buy them: Sur La Table, on sale for $7.46). Or if you prefer the ocean, there are other options including a turtle, narwhal (my favorite!) or manatee (buy them: Sur La Table, on sale for $7.46).

Whether it's our Lemon Herbal Tea or Hibiscus & Goji Tea, these adorable animal-shaped tea infusers will help you brew the perfect mug!