These Veggie-Shaped Diffusers Are So Cute—and They’re All Less Than $20

Even veggie haters will love these adorable diffusers.
Jaime Milan
September 28, 2020
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Not to state the obvious, but 2020 has been really stressful. And while essential oils definitely won’t cure life’s big problems, certain oils come in handy.

Vegetable Diffuser

These mini veggie-shaped diffusers come in three shapes: mushrooms, onions and carrots. The pots also come in three different colors (pink, yellow and olive green), so you can choose the perfect hue to match your space. You simply put your favorite scented oil into the base of the pot with some water or a carrier oil, and secure the veggie on top. There’s a thick string that draws the scented liquid through the top and gently disperses it through the air. Each ceramic diffuser costs just $18 on Etsy.

If you’re more into desert plants than veggies, this Etsy shop also makes cacti-shaped diffusers. They come in four shapes: round, trident, heart and linear. The diffuser is white when it’s dry, but when you add your liquid into the base it’ll change colors (you can specify which colors you’d like when you place your order). These diffusers are also $18 each on Etsy.

Cactus Diffuser
Cactus Diffuser

We love these adorable diffusers and will definitely be purchasing some for holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. There’s just one caveat: These don’t come with any essential oils or fragrance, so you’ll have to purchase those separately. (FYI—we love this lavender essential oil, $7 on Amazon).