Brumate Imperial Pint Glass
Credit: BrϋMate

As the Weather Gets Colder, This Tumbler Will Keep Your Beverages Piping Hot

Keep your drinks (and your hands!) warm.
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With temperatures beginning to drop in parts of the country, it can be tricky to host socially distanced outdoor gatherings. While you can certainly keep warm with a cozy vest or sweater, your drinks deserve the same treatment. And that's where BrϋMate's Imperial Pint comes in handy.

This 20-ounce pint glass is perfect for keeping your beverages hot (buy it: BrϋMate, $25). Whether you fill your glass with our Hot Chocolate or our Hot Cider with Apple Brandy & Spices, your drink will stay warm for up to 4 hours. Or if you're someone who drinks iced coffee all year, your beverage will stay cold for up to 12 hours.

You can choose from a wide range of colors, including neon pink, glitter mermaid or glitter rose gold (buy them: BrϋMate, $25). They also have a limited-edition floral line with patterns including succulents, sunflowers, peonies and hibiscuses (buy them: BrϋMate, $30). Whichever design you choose, the glass includes a travel lid, so you can easily transport it (perfect for toting to your kids' soccer game or running errands).

As outdoor gatherings continue to be the safest way to hang out, BrϋMate's Imperial Pint is a great investment for the colder weather. Whether you're gathering for a birthday party, a football game or a relaxing Friday night, these tumblers will help keep your drinks warm until the very last drop.