5 Easy Ways to Get the Farmhouse Look in Your Own Kitchen

Into this cozy-chic kitchen look? Well, it *is* the most-Googled design style right now.

farmhouse kitchen
Photo: Photo: Liz Marie Galvan

Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines' signature style on their TV show Fixer Upper, the modern farmhouse look is super popular right now. Liz Marie Galvan, interior designer and blogger—whose own kitchen you're looking at here—says your space can achieve the same rustic vibe with a few key elements.

5 Ways to Decorate a Farmhouse Kitchen

Mix in old and new.

Galvan recommends visiting flea markets and antique shops to see what catches your eye. Think: copper pots, marble charcuterie boards and vintage dishes. Or look for vintage-inspired items, like her Smeg fridge. Then incorporate them with more clean, contemporary features. "I love mixing elements like an antique hutch with items like a new apron sink," she says. "It makes a space feel both modern and classic farmhouse."

If your local flea market is closed right now or you don't have time to hunt, we love these picks from Amazon.

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Marble Cutting Board

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Copper Pots and Pans Set


Weave in authentic materials.

Many farmhouse kitchens traditionally had stone countertops, so if your budget allows, choose marble, or look for quartz or soapstone, which resemble marble. Another option that's inexpensive and also gets better with age and use: butcher block. For a backsplash, she suggests subway tile or shiplap.

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Wooden Cutting Board

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Boos Wooden Cutting Board

boos board

Opt for classic colors.

"Choose a color palette that includes white and earthy tones, like greens and blues," Galvan says. She favors the all-white look, from floor to ceiling—even with a toddler and three dogs. "We find it soothing and relaxing. And it actually makes the room look cleaner even if you don't clean it all the time!"

When picking a white paint color, there are a few things to note. "All whites are not strictly 'white,'" says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. "To find the best one for your project, consider the other hues in the space." Choose a white with similar undertones by comparing paint samples to a piece of plain white paper. Warm whites have red and yellow undertones; cool whites have blue and gray undertones.

If you do go all-white, Galvan advises adding wood accents for warmth, from smaller pieces like cutting boards to furniture, such as a reclaimed-wood farmhouse table.

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Extendable Dining Table

farmhouse dining table
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Solid Wood Dining Table

farmhouse table

Display your favorite goods.

"When I think of a farmhouse kitchen, I think of that eclectic gathered look. It's not all tidied up," says Galvan. Go for open shelving to show off what you use daily—cups, bowls and plates. And allot counter space to containers of flour and other staples.

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Flour Cannister

flour cannister
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3-Piece Kitchen Cannister Set

kitchen cannister set

Add in fresh touches.

"All year I have plants and herbs growing in the kitchen," says Galvan. She also likes to set out big bowls of fresh fruit and counter-friendly veggies. "There's nothing more homey and farmhouse than a 'we just pulled it from our garden' feel," she says.

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Wooden Fruit Bowl

wooden serving bowl
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