Mepal Fruit & Veggie Snack Lunch Pot
Credit: Amazon

This Cup Is Perfect for Rinsing and Eating Fruit When You Need a Healthy Snack

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I believe the key to successful meal prep is having the right containers. Whether you need the best containers for freezing food or ones for your kids' lunch boxes, having the right containers on hand will make prepping any meal a breeze—including snacks! And that's where Mepal's Ellipse Fruit & Veggie Pot comes in handy.

The great thing about this container is that it's designed to make cleaning and eating your produce easier (buy it: Amazon, $25). The container comes with two main parts: a mini colander and an outer container. You can just wash your fruit or vegetables in the colander and then pop it into the container where it can drain. (Read: no more soggy berries or watery cucumbers!)

When you're ready to enjoy your snack, the container includes a fork that fits right next to the colander. The BPA-free container is just 5 inches in height and 4.2 inches in diameter, so it'll easily fit into your lunch box, bag or even the cup holder in your car. And when you get home, you can throw the entire container into the dishwasher.

The container comes in a range of colors and will make prepping healthy snacks easier (buy it: Amazon, $25). Whether you opt for a Fresh Fruit Salad or an Easy Veggie Snack, snack time just got more delicious.