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The Best Blenders, According to Our Test Kitchen

Whether you want a compact blender for making smoothies or a pureeing powerhouse, we have a blender to fit your budget and needs.
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A good blender is an invaluable kitchen tool, allowing you to make lump-free smoothies, silky soups, fluffy hummus, salsa and even muffins. There are many types of blenders, including standard blenders, powerful high-speed blenders like the Vitamix, compact ones designed to make single-serve smoothies, and immersion blenders that allow you to puree soups and other foods right in their cooking vessel. To help you find the right blender for your needs, we've pulled together a list of the best blenders.

What to Look For in a Blender

No matter what type of blender you buy, EatingWell test kitchen manager Breana Killeen says to look for one that has a strong motor that can handle crushing ice, as well as multiple functions for low to high speed. Also seek out one that blends evenly (so there aren't big chunks left), with a leakproof lid and a blender jar that can go in the dishwasher (i.e., it isn't too tall).

Standard vs. High-Speed Blenders

Another consideration when buying a new blender is whether to go for a standard blender or a high-speed blender (aka a high-power blender). "If you don't use a blender that often—let's say once or twice a month—then a regular blender is your best bet," says Killeen. "Look for one that still has a good bit of power, isn't too loud and can still blend up a smoothie without chunks."

If you use your blender more often or task it with pureeing lots of tough vegetables or aromatics like ginger, you might want to invest in a high-speed blender like a Vitamix. When choosing a high-speed blender, Killeen says to look for a long warranty, variable settings and a motor powerful enough to make the smoothest sauces and smoothies possible. "I also think if it's something you use often and it's going to be on your counter, it needs to look good," she adds.

Best Blenders

Best Standard Blender

KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender

KitchenAid Classic 5-Speed Blender

The best standard blender the test kitchen has used is KitchenAid's Classic 5-Speed Blender. After five years of heavy test kitchen use, the blender still crushes ice and purees as well as it did when it arrived in the kitchen. Plus, it comes in an assortment of colors to fit the design of your kitchen.

To buy: KitchenAid Classic 5-Speed Blender ($99; (Editor's note: the KitchenAid blender was out of stock at the time of updating, but check availability at your local kitchen store.)

Best High-Speed Blender

Vitamix A-2500 Blender

Vitamix A2500

There's a reason Vitamix is synonymous with high-speed blenders, and their blenders are longtime favorites among the members of the test kitchen. "I've been using the Vitamix 5200 for 10 years but I recently swapped for the A2500 because it fits under my counter," says Killeen. "The 5200 blender jar is too tall to store under my cabinet, so I kept the base on the counter and the blender jar in the cabinet. With the A2500, I can keep the whole thing on the counter, which is helpful since I use it at least 3 times a week. The A2500 also has a 10-year warranty, a built-in timer (I love this feature since I have to time everything for recipe testing), and it's so powerful that everything comes out silky smooth. It also looks really, really good, which is important!" executive editor Penelope Wall also loves her Vitamix blender. "I use it for making smoothies and frozen drinks and love how it blends things up so smoothly," she says. "I also love how easy it is to clean because you don't have to wash a bunch of different parts."

To buy: Vitamix A2500 ($499.95;

Best Budget High-Speed Blender

KitchenAid K400

KitchenAid K400

If you are looking for a more economical option than a Vitamix, former senior SEO writer Rachel Roszmann swears by the KitchenAid K400, which is a champ at making hummus, crushing ice and more. 

To buy: KitchenAid K4oo Blender ($199.99; Bed, Bath & Beyond)

Best Food Processor-Blender Combo

Ninja Kitchen System

Ninja Kitchen System with Auto iQ Boost

If you are looking for a space-saving device, check out Ninja's combo kitchen system, which has different blenders and food processors that all fit on the same base. digital editor Jaime Milan swears by hers for making smoothies, pesto, soup—and especially frozen margaritas. And, at under $200, it's reasonably priced.

To buy: Ninja Kitchen System with Auto-iQ Boost ($189.99;

Best Immersion Blender

Cuisinart Smart Stick

Cuisinart Smart Stick Two-Speed Hand Blender

Even if you own a regular blender, you might consider buying an immersion blender, which allows you to blend right in a cooking vessel. Immersion blenders are particularly useful for blending hot foods like soup—it's much easier to puree a soup by sticking a stick blender in it than by transferring the soup to a regular blender. "I love my Cuisinart immersion blender," says Wall. "I can't live without it when I want to puree hot soups in the pot or if I have something small in a measuring cup that I want to blend without pulling out my Vitamix."

To buy: Cuisinart Smart Stick Two-Speed Hand Blender ($39.99; Bed, Bath & Beyond)

Best Compact Blender

Nutribullet Blender

NutriBullet Nutrient Extractor

If you love smoothies (and like to mix in tough ingredients like nuts or spinach), consider a small but mighty NutriBullet. "I love my NutriBullet," says digital producer Beth Stewart. "It's extremely powerful and super easy to keep clean. It's so easy that I don't mind getting it out very frequently, which means that I drink a lot more healthy smoothies than I ever had before I got one."

To buy: NurtiBullet Nutrient Extractor ($69.99; Bed, Bath & Beyond)

Best Big-Batch Blender

Ninja Blender

Ninja Professional 72-Ounce Countertop Blender

Looking for an economical family blender or one to give somebody setting up their first home? social media editor Sophie Johnson loves her Ninja blender. "I bought it when I moved into my first college apartment more than four years ago," she says. "I lived with seven girls, and I think we all used that thing at least once a day for two years. It can blend ANYTHING. I usually just use it for smoothies, but I've pureed soups in there too. It gets everything nice and creamy and it's easy to clean and figure out how to use." The only cons, she says, are that it's quite loud and needs a good amount of liquid to get going. "But you can put giant ice cubes and whole frozen bananas in there and it eats them right up."

To buy: Ninja Professional 72-Ounce Countertop Blender ($99.99;