Jesse Price
Credit: Erica Allen

Crazy for cooking, lover of vegetables (but also wings, Italian hoagies and potato chips) and addicted to exercise. Always looking forward to travel.

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As editor-in-chief since 2013, Jessie Price oversees the editorial content across all EatingWell media platforms including the magazine, books, digital and brand extensions. She began working with EatingWell in 2003 as a freelance recipe tester and soon after joined the team full time. She has worked on 13 EatingWell cookbooks and is the author of the James Beard Award-winning The Simple Art of EatingWell. One of her favorite aspects of the job: tasting recipes in the EatingWell Test Kitchen. (She's tasted more than 3,500 over the years!) Jessie has also represented EatingWell across national and local media, appearing on NBC's Today show, TV Land's Best Night In and video news network Cheddar.

After graduating from Williams College with a bachelor's degree in art history, Jessie cooked in restaurants in California and Colorado. She went on to work in advertising in San Francisco before joining EatingWell. But food was always a major part of her life. She grew up outside of Philadelphia in a family fanatical about food, where the kitchen was the focus of all activity in the house. She spent summers with grandparents in Vermont, falling in love with the state from an early age. She now lives in Charlotte, Vermont, with her husband and their Parson Russell terrier.

An insatiable food shopper with a weakness for condiments, Jessie's love for food and cooking extends from the office to her home. She cooks every night-often concocting something on the fly-and also enjoys entertaining. You can find her making everything from brisket to paella on her beloved Big Green Egg smoker or fermenting jalapeño-spiked sauerkraut in her basement. Whether on her bike or swimming in Lake Champlain, Jessie certainly enjoys summer in Vermont. But winter is her happy place, evident even in high school when she spent winter months living at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid to compete in luge. Nowadays, she enjoys cross-country skiing, ice skating, downhill sledding and looking for "wild ice" to explore with a local group of Nordic skaters.

My point of view:

What does "eating well" mean to me?

Eating well means eating whatever you love, but doing it in a sensible way. In other words, load up on the stuff that's good for you and keep the other stuff to a dull roar.

The three ingredients I simply couldn't live without…

* Olive Oil: I love the flavor and I use it in just about every single meal. 

* Salt: Without it flavors are just a dull shadow of what they should be. 

* Pecorino: It's bold, salty and funky-and I would never want to live without cheese.

My go-to dinner for nights when there's no plan…

Most nights I don't have a plan. I like seeing what I have, then improvising. If I really have nothing in the house I might make a pasta carbonara (pasta, eggs, pecorino, bacon pulled from the freezer), pasta with a quick tomato sauce (pasta, garlic, olive oil, canned whole San Marzanos, maybe a little crushed red pepper or anchovy) or a tuna melt (bread, tuna, mayo, green olives, celery, Cheddar).

The healthy habit I've committed to…

Exercise (almost) every day and vary it throughout the week.

My favorite EatingWell recipe…

Red Curry Bison Short Ribs with Baby Bok Choy created by Bruce Aidells. It's complicated, spicy, pungent, rich and saucy. Plus, I adore the way the bok choy balances the richness of the short ribs. And it's the kind of thing that really impresses when you bust it out for guests.

What I work on: