11 Cottage Cheese Recipes You'll Want to Make Forever

a recipe photo of the Whipped Cottage Cheese
Photo: Photographer: Rachel Marek, Food stylist: Annie Probst

Cottage cheese is having its moment right now, so what better way to take advantage of the trend than to try these highly-rated recipes? With rave four- and five-star reviews, these delicious dishes make the most of cottage cheese. Recipes like our Whipped Cottage Cheese and Baked Mac & Cheese highlight the viral ingredient in healthy and tasty ways.

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Light & Airy Whipped Cottage Cheese

a recipe photo of the Whipped Cottage Cheese
Photographer: Rachel Marek, Food stylist: Annie Probst

Give this whipped cottage cheese recipe your own spin by making it with your favorite fresh herbs. You can use it as a dip with fresh veggies or as a sandwich spread.

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Baked Mac & Cheese

Baked Mac & Cheese

Mac & cheese can be a true comfort on a gloomy day, and our healthy update takes advantage of extra-sharp Cheddar balanced with creamy low-fat cottage cheese and tucks a layer of spinach into the middle, which may help picky eaters down their vegetables. Whole-wheat pasta adds robust flavor and extra fiber.

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Classic Greek Spanakopita


This savory Greek "pie" has a creamy spinach and feta cheese filling layered between sheets of crispy phyllo dough. While phyllo dough seems intimidating, it's very easy to work with when you get the hang of it! This recipe would make a welcome addition to any party or potluck.

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Zucchini, Corn & Egg Casserole

Zucchini, Corn & Egg Casserole

This healthy casserole is essentially a crustless quiche, brimming with fresh summer vegetables. Bake it up for an elegant summer brunch or a casual backyard barbecue.

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Smoked Turkey, Kale & Rice Bake


This hearty one-skillet dinner is loaded with celery, kale, tomatoes and quick-cooking brown rice. It's easy to make the recipe vegetarian by substituting smoked tofu for the turkey.

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Copycat Starbucks Spinach & Mushroom Egg Bites

a recipe photo of the Copycat Starbucks Spinach & Mushroom Egg Bites
Jamie Vespa

Skip the pricy Starbucks breakfast in favor of our oven-baked egg bites, which are packed with spinach and mushrooms. Baking the egg bites in a hot-water bath creates a similar cooking environment to that of the sous vide method. The added moisture helps gently steam the eggs, creating an almost soufflé-like consistency. Enjoy these meal-prep-friendly egg bites as is, or serve with a dollop of salsa or hot sauce, or sliced avocado.

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Quinoa Lasagna


This healthy quinoa lasagna recipe has a layer of quinoa (rather than noodles) along with vegetables, cheese and herbs. Though it tastes like comfort food, don't worry, this quinoa lasagna recipe is not too heavy--you'll still have room for dessert. To save time, use your favorite jarred tomato sauce in this vegetarian lasagna. (Adapted from "Quinoa Revolution" by Patricia Green and Carolyn Hemming; Pintail Books, 2012.)

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Roasted Tomato & Asparagus Crustless Quiche


This crustless quiche recipe is a good choice for your next brunch, but it's also nice for a vegetarian dinner served with a side salad and a slice of focaccia.

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Chickpea Salad


This satisfying chickpea salad is a delicious combination of textures, from crunchy cucumbers to crumbly feta. The dill ranch dressing adds creaminess, but a tangy vinaigrette would be just as good.

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Sausage & Peppers Baked Ziti


This healthy baked ziti recipe doesn't require any chopping and is made on the stovetop, so it is perfect for a busy weeknight dinner. Using whole-wheat pasta adds fiber; opt for penne if whole-wheat ziti is hard to find.

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Cottage Cheese Salad


Cottage cheese topped with crunchy bell pepper and sweet tomato makes for a satisfying afternoon snack or pair it with hearty whole-grain crackers for a light lunch.

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