13 Recipes That Start With a Can of Kidney Beans

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Have a can of kidney beans on hand? Try one of these healthy and tasty recipes. Chilis, soups and salads are all featured in this line up and highlight the fiber-rich bean with every bite you take. Recipes like our Linguica, Kale & Red Bean Soup and Three-Bean Chili are so delicious, you'll be adding a can of kidney beans to your shopping cart more often.

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Linguica, Kale & Red Bean Soup


This vegetable-packed soup recipe is inspired by caldo verde, a Portuguese soup made with kale, potatoes and linguica sausage. We added protein-rich kidney beans, tomatoes and carrots to make it more substantial. If you can't find linguica, andouille sausage or chorizo makes a delicious substitute.

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Three-Bean Chili

Three-Bean Chili

This rib-sticking bean chili is richly flavored with cumin, chili, paprika, oregano and an assortment of peppers. Use whatever beans you have in your pantry.

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Vegan Beet Burgers with Sweet Chili Slaw


If you've been curious about those store-bought veggie burgers that "bleed," you should try this homemade veggie burger recipe made with kidney beans, walnuts and beets. A little chili powder in the mixture gives them a hint of spiciness, which works nicely with the sweet chili slaw.

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Mom's Chili

Mom's Chili

This healthy basic beef chili recipe is well worth doubling so you can throw a batch in the freezer. Serve topped with diced red onion, sliced scallions, shredded cheese and your favorite hot sauce.

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Kidney Bean & Kraut Toast

Kidney Bean & Kraut Toast
Ted & Chelsea Cavanaugh

Inspired by the flavors of a Reuben sandwich, kidney beans and sauerkraut top toasted rye bread in this easy, quick recipe.

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This vegetable-packed minestrone soup recipe is inspired by a popular Weight Watchers vegetable soup recipe. It makes a big pot of soup, so keep some in the refrigerator for up to 5 days and freeze the rest in single-serve portions. That way you always have an easy, delicious vegetable soup to start your meal or to eat for lunch. Think of this vegetable minestrone recipe as a starting point for other healthy soup variations, too: toss in leftover chopped cooked chicken or whole-wheat pasta or brown rice to make it more satisfying.

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Bean Salad with Lemon-Cumin Dressing


The bold flavors of the lemon-cumin dressing in this healthy bean salad recipe make it a wonderful side dish to grilled beef and lamb, yet it's also a stellar meatless main when served with whole-wheat couscous.

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Slow-Cooker Turkey Chili

Slow-Cooker Turkey Chili
Will Dickey

Ground turkey and canned kidney beans combine in this easy slow-cooker turkey chili. A tomato base, plus cumin and garlic powder, supplies plenty of flavor, while jalapeño and chili powder bring on the heat.

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Sausage Soup


Chock-full of vegetables, thick with kidney beans and gently seasoned with garlic and anise, this soup typifies the Portuguese way of cooking. It needs only about 30 minutes to simmer.

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Classic Beef Chili

Classic Beef Chili
Photography / Jennifer Causey, Styling / Chelsea Zimmer / Kay Clarke

This classic chili recipe features beef, beans and shredded sweet potatoes for a nutritional boost. The sweet potato blends into the chili so well that even picky eaters will gobble it up.

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Slow-Cooker Chicken Chili

a recipe photo of Slow Cooker Chicken Chili
Ali Redmond

This simple slow-cooker chili features plenty of veggies and shredded chicken breast simmered in a smoky broth of chipotle chiles and tomato. The chili is finished with shredded cheese, avocados and cilantro, but feel free to add your own favorite toppings to jazz it up!

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Red Beans and Rice


Brown rice add fiber to this diabetes-friendly pork and beans side-dish recipe. Skip the salt when cooking the rice to keep the sodium low.

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Turkey and Bean Chili


This mild-flavored chili is lower in sodium than most canned chilis or chili seasoning blends.

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