17 Sheet-Pan Veggie Side Dishes to Make This Winter

Crispy Smashed Beets with Feta
Photo: Photography / Dera Burreson, Styling / Lauren McAnelly / Holly Rabikis

Grab your sheet pan and roast some veggies to go alongside dinner tonight. With seasonal veggies like beets, Brussels sprouts, carrots and potatoes, these sides can be paired with any main dish. Recipes like our Crispy Smashed Beets with Feta and Oven-Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Tamarind Glaze are healthy and tasty choices to add to your plate.

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Crispy Smashed Beets with Feta

Crispy Smashed Beets with Feta
Photography / Dera Burreson, Styling / Lauren McAnelly / Holly Rabikis

We take a classic pairing—beets and feta—and make it even tastier by roasting the beets before smashing them to create crispy edges.

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Balsamic Oven-Roasted Carrots


Roasting carrots in the oven brings out their sweetness, which is enhanced further with a tangy balsamic and maple glaze. Serve them straight-up for an easy weeknight side dish or garnish with chopped hazelnuts for holiday meals and dinner parties.

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Oven-Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Tamarind Glaze

a recipe photo of the Oven-Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Tamarind Glaze
Anthony Jackson

Padma Lakshmi loves to make this roasted sweet potato recipe during Diwali, a festive time when her family often winds up eating a lot of fried treats. This gives them the feeling of eating chaat or Indian street and snack foods but without all the fuss. The tamarind sauce is a tangy counterpoint to the sweet potatoes, and the yogurt gives it a mellow creaminess without being too heavy.

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Honey & Ginger Roasted Turnips


Thick-cut bacon and a honey-ginger glaze transform turnips into a sweet, satisfying side.

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Crispy Smashed Brussels Sprouts

Crispy Smashed Brussels Sprouts
Jacob Fox

Brussels sprouts get crispy and flavorful in the oven when they're "smashed" and seasoned with Parmesan cheese and everything bagel seasoning.

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Spice-Crusted Roasted Potatoes

Spice-Crusted Roasted Potatoes
Ryan Liebe

Inspired by Lebanese batata harra, these potatoes are coated in lots of spices before they're roasted.

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Honey-Roasted Beets

Honey-Roasted Beets

Earthy beets turn sweet and tender when they're roasted in this healthy beets recipe. Preheating your baking sheet speeds up the roasting time and gives the outside of the beets a quick and flavorful sear. Honey and lemon juice add sweet and tangy notes.

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Balsamic Roasted Cabbage

Balsamic Roasted Cabbage

These roasted cabbage wedges with honey and balsamic vinegar make an attractive and healthy side dish that's also very easy to prepare. You can use red or green cabbage--or make a double batch with one of each for a pretty presentation.

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Roasted Fingerling Potatoes


Oven-roasted fingerling potatoes can be a special holiday side dish, but they're quick enough to enjoy on a weeknight too. The secret to these crispy roasted fingerling potatoes? Getting the baking sheet nice and hot before you spread the potatoes on it.

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Melting Sweet Potatoes with Sage Brown Butter

Melting Sweet Potatoes with Sage Brown Butter
Photography / Dera Burreson, Styling / Lauren McAnelly / Holly Rabikis

Once you "melt" sweet potatoes, you won't want to make them any other way. These roasted sweet potatoes soak up broth to turn the interior into a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture. A sage-brown butter sauce finishes these potatoes for a truly stunning side dish.

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Smashed Beets with Goat Cheese & Hot Honey

Smashed Beets with Goat Cheese and Hot Honey
Jacob Fox

In this sweet and savory side, beets are sliced and cooked until tender in water with a splash of vinegar before crisping up under the broiler with tangy goat cheese on top. Hot honey adds spice, and thyme adds fresh, herby notes.

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Roasted Butternut Squash & Root Vegetables


This easy roasted butternut squash and root vegetables recipe is incredibly versatile. Pile the squash and veggies onto grain bowls, add to sandwiches, toss in soup, serve as a side dish--you name it. Roasting vegetables in the oven gives you 20 minutes of hands-off cooking time to assemble the rest of your meal.

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Roasted Cabbage with Chive-Mustard Vinaigrette


In this roasted cabbage recipe, cabbage wedges are roasted at a high temperature, creating an amazing texture and sweet flavor. Serve the roasted cabbage wedges drizzled with the chive-mustard vinaigrette as a side dish for roast poultry, meat or fish, or alone with crusty bread.

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Sweet & Spicy Roasted Carrots


A little bit of cayenne adds an unexpected kick to these classic roasted carrots.

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Garlic-Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

Garlic-Rosemary Roasted Potatoes
Photographer: Victor Protasio, Food Stylist: Karen Rankin

These super-crispy garlic-rosemary roasted potatoes get their crackly outside by precooking the potatoes in water with a little baking soda. The baking soda helps break down the skin, allowing the flavors of garlic and rosemary to set in and crisp up when roasted in a hot oven. Serve these alongside roasted chicken, turkey or steak.

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Honey-Chile Glazed Baked Brussels Sprouts


We jump-start this baked Brussels sprouts recipe by preheating the baking sheet for quick roasting.

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Honey-Mustard Roasted Cabbage

Honey-Mustard Roasted Cabbage

Roasting cabbage brings out its sweet and savory side. Caraway seed is a natural pairing with this cruciferous veggie, and a combination of honey and Dijon mustard deepens the flavor. Serve as a side to pork chops, burgers or roasted chicken.

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