I'm a Dietitian & These Are My Favorite Anti-Inflammatory Dinners for Summer

Cuban Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Summertime means there's no shortage of fresh, seasonal ingredients. That said, it can feel like a stretch to turn on the oven or stove for hours of roasting or sautéing. These recipes are a mix of no-cook, grilled and quick-cooking dishes that showcase some of my favorite flavors of the season. Plus, they star ingredients like avocados, chickpeas, leafy greens and fish that have been proven to help tamp down chronic inflammation. Keeping excess inflammation at bay can help with a variety of body functions, from joint pain and digestive distress to mental fog. As we get into the dog days of summer, try recipes like Grilled Peach & Brie Smothered Chicken or Cod Fish Tacos for a delicious anti-inflammatory boost. And for more budget-friendly food and nutrition content, check out our Thrifty column.

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Open-Face Goat Cheese Sandwich with Tomato & Avocado Salad

Open-Face goat cheese sandwich with tomato & avocado salad

This simple lunch comes together in just 10 minutes, making it a great option for busy days.

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Greek-Inspired Burgers with Herb-Feta Sauce


These healthy burgers get a Mediterranean twist with a yogurt sauce seasoned with oregano, lemon and feta cheese. If you can't find ground lamb, ask the butcher to grind some for you.

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Grilled Peach & Brie Smothered Chicken


This super-fast and healthy smothered chicken tastes best on the deck with a chilled glass of gewürztraminer. The fruity white pairs nicely with the peaches here.

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Avocado Caprese Salad

Avocado Caprese Salad
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This avocado caprese salad has all the flavors of a classic caprese salad with the addition of creamy avocado. The sweet and tangy balsamic dressing pulls everything together, with fresh basil adding a refreshing pop of color. Add capers for an even bigger flavor.

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Salmon Rice Bowl

Salmon Rice Bowl
Ali Redmond

Inspired by the viral TikTok trend, this tasty bowl makes for a satisfying lunch or dinner. With a handful of healthy ingredients, like instant brown rice, heart-healthy salmon and lots of crunchy veggies, you'll have a filling and flavorful meal in just 25 minutes. Looking to cut down on carbs? Try swapping in riced cauliflower in place of the brown rice.

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Grilled Summer Vegetable Panzanella

Grilled Summer Vegetable Panzanella with Feta
Brie Passano

This grilled vegetable salad is filled with summer zucchini and eggplant that are marinated in an herby dressing. Crusty country-style bread helps soak up the flavors. The optional feta cheese adds a briny finishing note. To keep sodium in check, reduce the amount of salt in the salad if you opt to use the feta.

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Cod Fish Tacos

Cod Fish Tacos
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Let your oven do the work for these quick and simple cod fish tacos. Broiling the cod allows the fish to stay moist and flake easily once finished. Hot sauce adds a punch of acidity and mild heat, while sour cream makes a creamy slaw that adds crunch to the taco.

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Sweet Potato & Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Cuban Cauliflower Rice Bowl

In this riff on a healthy grain bowl recipe we use cauliflower rice instead of another whole grain like brown rice to cut back on carbs and load up on veggie servings. A simple citrusy drizzle, inspired by Cuban mojo sauce, finishes these vegan rice bowls, perfect for lunch or dinner.

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