33 High-Protein Dinners That Are High in Fiber

Chicken Tinga Tostadas
Photo: Jacob Fox

You're sure to end the day satisfied when you choose one of these filling meals for dinner. Since each serving contains 15 grams of protein and eight grams of fiber, you'll get your fill of slow-digesting fiber and muscle-supporting protein to help you end the day on a high note. Recipes like our Chicken Tinga Tostadas and Goddess Veggie Bowls with Chicken are healthy, delicious ways to get in the nutrients you need.

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Smoky Collards & Shrimp with Cheesy Grits

Smoky Collards & Shrimp with Cheesy Grits
Jacob Fox

Be sure to slice the collards extra thin; it will help expedite the cooking process and produce the most tender greens.

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Chicken Parmesan & Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

a recipe photo of the stuffed peppers

Chicken Parm gets a fun low-carb and gluten-free twist with these cheesy stuffed peppers with chicken and quinoa. Serve with a salad for a healthy dinner that's easy to prep too.

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Chicken Hummus Bowls


The spiced chicken atop these bowls is ready fast with the help of the broiler. Serve with warm whole-wheat pita for scooping up extra hummus at the bottom of the bowl.

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Greek Salad with Edamame


Edamame adds protein to the classic Greek salad: romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, feta and olives. Serve with toasted pita brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with dried oregano or za'atar.

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Goddess Veggie Bowls with Chicken


Dark green lacinato kale contrasts with the warm tones of bell peppers and tomatoes in this healthy green goddess salad recipe.

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Chicken Tinga Baked Pasta

Chicken Tinga Baked Pasta
Jacob Fox

This spicy baked pasta features leftover chicken tinga, a dish hailing from Puebla, Mexico. The rich tomato-chipotle sauce adds heat and creaminess to the dish.

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Garlic-Anchovy Pasta with Broccolini

Garlic-Anchovy Pasta with Broccolini
Jacob Fox

Here, we sprinkle the final pasta dish with crumbled goat cheese for nice tangy bites throughout. But if you prefer a creamy sauce, stir the cheese into the pasta in Step 3 along with the reserved cooking water.

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Cajun-Spiced Tofu Tostadas with Beet Crema

Cajun-Spiced Tofu Tostadas with Beet Crema
Photographer / Jacob Fox, Food styling / Sue Mitchell, Food Styling / Kelsey Bulat

Crumbled tofu spiced up with Cajun seasoning is layered onto these tostadas with a juicy mango slaw. A dollop of sour cream zhuzhed up with beet and lime adds even more flavor. Look for precooked beets in the produce department of your grocery store.

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Ajiaco Bogotano (Potato Soup with Corn, Chicken & Capers)

Ajiaco Bogotano (Potato Soup with Corn, Chicken & Capers)
Greg DuPree

Ajiaco celebrates a key crop in the Andes Mountains region, where more than 4,000 potato varieties are grown. There are three types in this soup. Cookbook author and food stylist Mariana Velásquez uses russets to stand in for Sabanera potatoes, which practically dissolve into the broth, giving it body. Yukon Golds and tiny creamer potatoes replace Pastusas and Criollas—the former lends a golden hue and the latter a sweet, almost buttery flavor. Guascas—a fragrant herb also known as galinsoga, gallant soldier or potato weed—imparts a slightly bitter taste unmatched by anything else, Velásquez says. (Look for it dried online or in the few Colombian markets in the U.S.; you can also find it fresh at farmers' markets.) The soup takes her back to her childhood in Bogotá. She remembers one Friday each month being "Ajiaco Day" at her all-girls school. "They would bring the bowls of broth to each of us and then place the avocados, corn, chicken, capers and cream in the center of the table," she says. "It was the most special lunch and we all loved it."

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Chicken Tinga Tostadas

Chicken Tinga Tostadas
Jacob Fox

These chicken tinga tostadas are topped with cotija cheese for a salty bite, while cilantro adds a pop of flavor and color. We bake the tortillas to ensure a crispy base, while also using less oil than deep-frying.

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Smoked Brisket Tacos

Smoked Brisket Tacos
Eric Wolfinger

Leftover brisket makes terrific tacos. Salty cotija cheese, also called queso añejo, provides a sharp counterpoint to the smoky brisket. Find it near other specialty cheeses or in Mexican grocery stores. To make this recipe kosher, omit the cheese and use vegan yogurt in Step 2. Read more about this recipe.

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Turkey Chili Calzones

Turkey Chili Calzones
Photography / Greg DuPree, Styling / Ali Ramee / Christine Keely

Here we combine two favorite family dinners—chili and pizza—into calzones packed full of lean turkey, bell peppers and sharp Cheddar. Dish them up with a side salad to complete the meal.

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Mushroom French Dip

Mushroom French Dip
Jacob Fox

Meaty portobello mushrooms have just the right amount of earthy, savory flavor and the perfect texture to replace beef in these vegetarian French dip sandwiches.

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Chicken Riggies

Chicken Riggies
Jacob Fox

Named after the pasta shape it's made with, chicken riggies hails from central New York. The tomato-based sauce is packed with both sweet bell and hot cherry peppers married with a bit of cream to tame its tanginess.

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Creamy One-Pot Penne Primavera with Shrimp

Creamy One-Pot Penne Primavera with Shrimp
Ali Redmond

Just as its name suggests, you only need one pot to make this satisfying pasta dish featuring fresh spinach, red bell pepper and broccoli, along with a generous portion of shrimp. To make the light, creamy sauce, residual pasta water is cleverly combined with Parmesan cheese.

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Seared Tuna with Bulgur & Chickpea Salad


This healthy tuna recipe combines fresh fish, olive oil, lemon juice, fresh herbs and chickpeas. Cooking for two? Flake the two leftover tuna steaks and mix them into the remaining bulgur salad, then serve over lettuce for lunch the next day.

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Tuna Poke


Poke (pronounced poke-ay), a Hawaiian word meaning "to chop" or "to cut," refers to a traditional Hawaiian salad of diced raw fish in a simple, soy-based sauce with punchy seasonings like toasted sesame and chopped scallion greens. These tuna poke bowls feature seasoned brown rice and fresh veggies for a healthy, satisfying meal packed with protein and fiber.

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Chicken & Kale Taco Salad with Jalapeño-Avocado Ranch


This healthy, super-fast salad recipe swaps out romaine for kale, giving you more than 10 times the vitamin C. Easy flavor hacks like store-bought ranch and pickled jalapeños help make a creamy, tangy and spicy dressing you'll want to drizzle on everything from salad to sliced veggies and shredded poached chicken.

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Sausage Spaghetti

Sausage Spaghetti
Photographer: Jen Causey, Food Stylist: Melissa Gray

Sausage, peppers and onions meet pasta with marinara in this sausage spaghetti recipe. This colorful dish cooks slowly, allowing the flavors to meld into the richly flavored sauce that coats the pasta beautifully. Serve with a Caesar salad on the side.

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Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Vegetables & Quinoa


For the best flavor in this easy roasted pork tenderloin dish, start marinating the pork the night before or get it going before you head off to work in the morning. Then, when you get home, all that's left to do is roast the pork and vegetables and prepare the quinoa for this easy healthy dinner. This recipe makes extra quinoa—use the leftovers as a base for easy meal-prep lunches, salads, stir-fries later in the week.

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Skillet Chili Mac


Poblanos add a kick of heat to this chili mac recipe. If that's not your thing, swap in green bell peppers to tone down the heat in this easy pasta dish, which mashes up mac and cheese and chili into a seriously satisfying skillet dinner.

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Sheet-Pan Chicken Fajita Bowls


Skip the tortillas in favor of this warm fajita salad, which features a nutritious medley of chicken with roasted kale, bell peppers and black beans. The chicken, beans and vegetables are all cooked on the same pan, so this healthy dinner is easy to make and the cleanup is easy too.

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Peppery Barbecue-Glazed Shrimp with Vegetables & Orzo

Peppery Barbecue-Glazed Shrimp with Vegetables & Orzo

In this healthy BBQ shrimp recipe, shrimp are seasoned with a peppery spice blend and served with zucchini, peppers and whole-grain orzo for a delicious and easy dinner that's ready in just 30 minutes. The shrimp and veggies are cooked in the same skillet, so cleanup is a snap too.

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Quick Shrimp Puttanesca


Because refrigerated fresh pasta cooks much faster than dried pasta, this Italian pasta dish will be on the table lickety-split! Puttanesca, traditionally made with tomatoes, olives, capers, anchovies and garlic, gets a makeover with shrimp for extra protein and artichoke hearts to boost the vegetable servings (and the fiber!). If you can't find frozen artichoke hearts, sub in drained canned artichoke hearts.

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Brown Rice Shrimp Bowl with Tomatoes & Avocado

Brown Rice Shrimp Bowl with Tomatoes & Avocado

This quick and easy bowl pairs brown rice with cooked shrimp, tossed in a ginger-soy-sesame sauce, to create a flavorful dish in no time. Topping with tomatoes and avocado adds color and nutrients. Use leftover brown rice or pick up a package of pre-cooked brown rice from the grocery store to keep this meal no-cook.

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Quinoa Chickpea Salad with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Dressing


This hearty vegan salad is loaded with plant-based power ingredients: chickpeas, quinoa and hummus. We love the crunch of the sunflower seeds and the unexpected flavor of roasted peppers.

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Lemon-Herb Salmon with Caponata & Farro


Dig into your farmers' market haul to cook this colorful and healthy Mediterranean diet dinner recipe that's packed with vegetables. Feel free to swap in any vegetables or cook up another whole grain, such as brown rice. Serve with a glass of your favorite red wine.

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Chicken, Avocado & Quinoa Bowls with Herb Dressing


Arrange the toppings individually on these protein-packed grain bowls so each bite has a contrasting taste and texture. Make big batches of the salad dressing, quinoa and roasted chicken thighs and you'll have healthy meal-prep lunches or dinners for days. Though the chicken thighs take just 15 minutes to prep, you can also make the salads with leftover chicken or store-bought cooked chicken to make prep even faster.

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Creamy Chicken, Brussels Sprouts & Mushrooms One-Pot Pasta

Creamy Chicken, Brussels Sprouts & Mushrooms One-Pot Pasta
Photography / Kelsey Hansen, Styling / Sammy Mila

You'll only have to dirty one pot in this easy pasta recipe that cooks chicken and vegetables right along with the noodles. Plus, by using the exact amount of water you need to cook the pasta, the starch that usually gets drained off with your pasta water stays in the pot, giving you delectably creamy results.

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Chili-Topped Sweet Potatoes


Transform ordinary baked potatoes into a full dinner with these chili-topped spuds. In this healthy recipe, we use sweet potatoes for an added nutrient kick. Sprinkle on extra toppings as you see fit--sliced scallions, chopped fresh cilantro, diced avocado and sliced jalapeños are all tasty choices.

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Green Goddess Salad


This gorgeous green goddess salad combines fresh shrimp, cucumber, artichoke hearts and cherry tomatoes with homemade dressing.

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Linguine with Creamy White Clam Sauce


Ripe tomato and fresh basil give this quick recipe tons of flavor. Serve this healthy pasta dinner with crusty garlic bread and steamed green beans.

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Mom's Chili

Mom's Chili

This healthy basic beef chili recipe is well worth doubling so you can throw a batch in the freezer. Serve topped with diced red onion, sliced scallions, shredded cheese and your favorite hot sauce.

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