6 Ricotta Toast Recipes That Are Perfect for Any Time of Day


Tell avocado toast to step aside—there's a new open-face sandwich in town. Ricotta toast combines crunchy toast and creamy cheese to make a healthy breakfast or appetizer option that tastes indulgent. Whether you top your toast with sweet jam, fresh fruit or roasted veggies, you're in for a treat. Recipes like our Fig & Ricotta Toast and Cherry Tomato & Strawberry Bruschetta are delicious and creative.

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Fig & Ricotta Toast

figs on toast

This easy Mediterranean-inspired toast makes a quick breakfast for any day of the week.

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Strawberry-Ricotta Waffle Sandwich

Strawberry-Ricotta Waffle Sandwich

Here's a sweet spin on a healthy breakfast-sandwich recipe. Other seasonal fruit, such as blueberries or sliced peaches, would be tasty toppers too.

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Lemon Ricotta Cheese Toast


Creamy ricotta and lemon zest lend bright flavor to this healthy cheese toast recipe, for a perfect soup pairing or easy snack.

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Ricotta Cheese Toast


This Rictta Cheese Toast uses whole grain toast crackers and reduced fat cheese for a lighter snack option.

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Cherry Tomato & Strawberry Bruschetta

Cherry Tomato & Strawberry Bruschetta
Leigh Beisch

These topped toasts get a sweet-salty punch from the addition of strawberries and ricotta salata—a firm, saltier version of ricotta cheese. Look for it with other specialty cheeses at the supermarket, or substitute Parmigiano-Reggiano or pecorino.

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Lizzo Just Put a Dairy-Free Spin on TikTok's New Breakfast Toast Trend

An image split in half. One half with Lizzo on a designed background and the other a photo of Ricotta toast with tomatoes
Getty Images / Frazer Harrison, Unsplash / Calum Lewis

Gotta blame it on the toast, baby. Check out Lizzo's favorite ways to enjoy ricotta toast.

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