32 Easy Healthy Snacks for Anytime of the Day

Tropical Snack Mix

Enjoy these easy healthy snacks the next time you need to curb your hunger. Whether it's mid-morning or mid-afternoon, these sweet and savory snacks are perfect for munching on. Recipes like Everything Bagel Microwave Popcorn and Tropical Snack Mix are delicious and quick to make.

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Raspberry Yogurt Cereal Bowl

For breakfast, snack or a healthy dessert, try using yogurt instead of milk for your cereal. If making this as a to-go snack, keep the cereal separate and top just before eating.

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Peanut Butter-Banana Cinnamon Toast

This satisfying peanut butter-banana toast gets a sprinkle of cinnamon for an extra flavor boost.

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Hard-Boiled Egg with Hot Sauce

Add a little spice to your day by topping a protein-rich egg with hot sauce. It's a simple snack to help power you through your day.

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Greek Yogurt with Strawberries

Protein-rich Greek yogurt and sweet strawberries make for a super-simple and satisfying snack.

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Everything Bagel Microwave Popcorn

Full of umami-rich flavors inspired by the classic bagel, this easy popcorn snack is sure to make your mouth water.

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Tropical Snack Mix

Sweet, salty and simple, this tropical treat is a perfect on-the-go snack for a quick energy boost.

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Easy Veggie Snack

This protein and veggie pair is an unbeatable snack to keep you on track and full of energy to power through your afternoon.

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Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter

Top multigrain rice cakes with creamy peanut butter for a nutritious snack with protein and fiber to keep you feeling full.

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Yogurt with Blueberries

Blueberries add all the sweetness you need, naturally, to protein-rich Greek yogurt in this satisfying snack.

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Fruit & Nuts Snack Mix

Whip up a big batch of this sweet and salty mix for on-the-go fuel or to have on hand for after-school snacks.

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Apple & Cheddar with Jalapeño Slices

Apples and Cheddar are a classic pairing, especially in Vermont, and in this healthy snack recipe, the jalapeño adds a zesty zing. If spicy isn't your thing, try this snack with a dash of honey instead.

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Homemade Ranch Dressing with Veggies

Make a big batch of homemade ranch dressing to keep on hand for dipping crisp, raw vegetables anytime for a healthy snack both kids and adults will enjoy.

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Avocado & Salsa Cracker

Avocado and salsa team up for a zesty Southwest-inspired topping on a whole grain crispbread. This snack is packed with fiber, veggies, and healthy fats, and it takes just minutes to put together.

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Grapes & Cheese

Sweet and savory is the definition of this satisfying snack.

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Nutella-Covered Pretzel Rod

This sweet-and-salty pretzel rod is an after-school snack kids will love to make as much as they'll love to eat!

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Clementine & Pistachio Ricotta

Skip sugar-sweetened yogurt and try ricotta instead. Topped with fresh fruit and nuts, it's the perfect healthy snack.

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Lime & Parmesan Popcorn

Skip the bag of microwaved popcorn and satisfy a snack craving by making your own flavored popcorn. In this healthy popcorn recipe, we use Parmesan cheese, lime zest and a hint of chili powder, but feel free to use your favorite spices. For the best flavor, opt for olive oil cooking spray to help the toppings stick to the popcorn.

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Blackberry & Cream Cheese Cracker

Fresh blackberries and light cream cheese make a pretty, sweet topping for a crispbread snack, especially with a little mint sprinkled on top. Besides being beautiful and delicious, blackberries are packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

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Almond-Stuffed Dates

Medjool dates are softer than their semi-dry Deglet Noor cousins and therefore, much easier to stuff with almonds. This healthy snack recipe can also be turned into an addictive appetizer by adding a little blue cheese to the stuffing.

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Lemon Tuna & Yogurt Cracker

A crisp whole-grain cracker gets the freshest topping of light tuna, lemony Greek yogurt, and a bright dill garnish. It's the quick snack that's almost a meal when you're having too much fun in the sun to stop and cook.

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Pear & Cottage Cheese

Salty cottage cheese and a sweet fresh pear make this snack satisfying.

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Cucumber Bites

This quick, gluten-free snack recipe tops cucumbers with hummus, cheese and a hit of hot sauce.

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Celery & Blue Cheese Dip with Tomato Juice

Get a nice dose of potassium, protein and fiber--all for less than 120 calories--in this healthy snack.

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Strawberry-Kiwi Cheesecake Toast

In a hurry? It takes just 5 minutes to toss together this cheerful strawberry-kiwi toast.

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Hummus, Feta & Bell Pepper Cracker

A savory topping of feta cheese, hummus, and sweet bell pepper make this super-easy, tasty crispbread snack a perfect munch for the long, warm days of summer.

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Blueberries with Walnuts & Cheese

Blueberries add just the right touch of sweetness to round out this nutritious nut and cheese snack. Bonus: It's all super easy to pack for on-the-go snacking.

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Tropical Fruit & Nuts Snack

With 4 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber, this healthy packable snack can help you feel full until your next meal.

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Peppers & Carrots with Hummus

This simple snack of nutritious veggies with protein- and fiber-rich hummus will keep your hunger at bay.

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Salted Caramel and Pretzel Popcorn

Popcorn and pretzels combine for a satisfying snack mix that's perfectly sweetened with a hint of caramel.

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Mini Avocado Toasts

Make an easy snack inspired by your favorite healthy breakfast--avocado toast! We make it snack-time friendly by adding the avocado to crackers instead of toast for a no-cook satisfying treat that takes just 5 minutes to whip together when hunger strikes.

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Munch & Crunch Cereal Snack

Mini pretzels, puffed corn cereal, and salty soy nuts provide taste and crunch in each handful of this 5-minute snack mix. The most difficult part of this recipe will be trying not to eat too much of it--it's that yummy!

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Turkey-Carrot Roll-Up

For a bit of protein between meals and a satisfying crunch, roll up a single carrot stick in a slice of turkey lunchmeat. A typical 3-inch carrot stick has only 3 calories and less than 1 gram of carb.

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