18 Healthy Homemade Snack Mixes to Munch On


Grab a handful of these healthy snack mixes to satisfy your next afternoon craving or to go with your next movie night or game day. Instead of buying a premade snack mix, these homemade recipes combine fun flavors and different textures to create a harmonious mix. Recipes like Salsa Snack Mix and Honey-Mustard Snack Mix are delicious and perfect for any snack situation.

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Honey-Mustard Snack Mix

Crunchy and spicy, this snack mix has it all. Customize the mix by substituting your favorite type of nut for the almonds and peanuts specified in the recipe.

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Tropical Snack Mix

Sweet, salty and simple, this tropical treat is a perfect on-the-go snack for a quick energy boost.

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Jojo's Party Mix

Our more sophisticated version of crunchy party mix gets its irresistible, rich taste from olive oil and a bit of Parmesan cheese rather than the better part of a stick of butter, or worse, margarine. With two-thirds less fat (none of it saturated) you can forget about that other stuff.

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Homemade Trail Mix

Try this with portable mix with any combination of dried fruits and nuts.

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Fruit & Nuts Snack Mix

Whip up a big batch of this sweet and salty mix for on-the-go fuel or to have on hand for after-school snacks.

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Barbecue Popcorn

This perfectly savory snack mix is made with cheese crackers and barbecue flavoring.

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Dark Chocolate Trail Mix

Double, triple or quadruple this healthy trail mix recipe and keep it on hand for when you need a sweet snack.

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Salsa Snack Mix

This homemade snack mix is easy to prepare--crunchy crackers, cereal squares, and miniature pretzels are flavored with a zesty salsa-inspired seasoning mix that takes just minutes to throw together. Bake until crisp and then set it out at a party or offer it to your kids for a fun after-school snack.

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Crunchy Cereal Trail Mix

Crunchy, sweet and salty, this simple trail mix combines all your favorite flavors in a convenient mix.

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Fiery Snack Mix

Serve your guests a crunchy snack mix seasoned with sweet-and-spicy flavors. It mixes up fast and adds a festive note to any gathering.

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Sweet & Spicy Slow-Cooker Snack Mix

With both sweet and spicy flavors to entice your taste buds, this slow-cooker-prepared snack mix is easy to make and great to have on hand for game days, parties, and after-school snacking. Remember to stir it every so often, as directed, to keep things from sticking together.

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Popcorn Crunch Mix

This sweet and savory popcorn mix is ready in just 10 minutes and is a bit of a magic trick--it's so good it disappears right before your eyes! Honey-nut cereal squares, lightly-salted popcorn, and chocolaty peanuts are drizzled with melted chocolate and provide amazing taste in each bite.

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Bowl Game Snack Mix

Taco seasoning mix gives this fruit and nut popcorn snack south-of-the-border sizzle.

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Rice Cracker Trail Mix

This trail mix combines healthy nuts and dried fruits with crispy rice crackers. Crystallized ginger provides an unexpected bite. Look for crystallized ginger with the spices at your supermarket.

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Barbecue Snack Mix

Barbecue Snack Mix

This crunchy snack mix has just the right blend of sweet and savory spices to make it completely addictive.

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S'mores Snack Mix

This ode to a campfire classic has all the makings of a sweet s'mores treat in an easy-to-make snack mix kids can tote to school or soccer practice--or just have on hand as an after-school snack.

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Sweet & Spicy Wasabi Snack Mix

Spicy wasabi-flavored peas are a great snack on their own but can sometimes be too hot. In this snack mix, the wasabi spice is tamed just a bit with the addition of a crispy cereal, pretzel sticks, almonds, a ginger-soy sauce, and sweet chewy dried fruit. Try it at your next party or tailgate!

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Fruit & Nut Popcorn Trail Mix

Sweet dried fruit, salty nuts and crunchy popcorn are mixed together to make this super-satisfying, homemade trail mix that travels well.

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