20 Vegetable Side Dishes in 20 Minutes

Balsamic-Parmesan Sauteed Spinach

It's easy to eat your vegetables with these quick, produce-packed side dish recipes. These vegetable side dishes take just 20 minutes or less to come together. Whether you sauté, steam or roast them, these vegetables are a great accompaniment to any meal. Recipes like our Balsamic-Parmesan Sautéed Spinach and Easy Steamed Zucchini are healthy, delicious and will become a staple on your dinner table.

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Sautéed Broccoli with Peanut Sauce


Peanut butter, balanced with a little soy sauce and vinegar, makes a delicious and kid-friendly sauce for broccoli and other vegetables. Giving the broccoli a head start by steaming it before sautéing it with the other vegetables ensures that all the vegetables are nicely cooked at the same time. Source: EatingWell Magazine, March 2019

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Garlic-Parmesan Asparagus


In this garlic-Parmesan-crusted asparagus recipe, we combine Parmesan cheese, whole-wheat panko breadcrumbs and walnuts for a crispy topping that's baked over asparagus. Roasting the asparagus spears in a hot oven keeps them tender-crisp in this quick side dish! Source: EatingWell.com, January 2020

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Vietnamese-Style Coconutty Brussels Sprouts


In this easy Brussels sprouts recipe, the sprouts get a double hit of coconutty flavor from coconut oil and coconut water, and a salty, umami kick from fish sauce. The coconut water is a tropical nod to the southern Vietnamese practice of cooking with coconut water, which is often used in braises and dipping sauces. Don't have a pan large enough to cook the sprouts in one batch? Cook them in two batches in a medium (10-inch) skillet. No coconut oil in your pantry? Substitute unsalted European-style butter or vegetable oil. Serve these simple but flavorful Brussels sprouts as a side to any protein for weeknight dinners or special meals--they'd be a great addition to your Thanksgiving dinner. Source: EatingWell.com, October 2019

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Sautéed Cabbage


This easy side dish takes only 20 minutes from start to finish. You can enjoy sautéed cabbage simply cooked with butter and onion or jazz it up with one of the variations (see below). Enjoy all the versions of this quick side dish with roasted pork or chicken. Source: EatingWell.com, January 2020

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Easy Steamed Zucchini


This foolproof way to cook zucchini is also the easiest and fastest. Just steam it on the stovetop for a few minutes and you have a healthy vegetable side dish to add to dinner. Toss with a little pesto for extra flavor. Source: EatingWell.com, February 2018

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Garlic-Butter Mushrooms


Enjoy these savory mushrooms as a topping for steak or burgers, or on their own as a rich umami side dish. Source: EatingWell.com, March 2020

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Balsamic-Parmesan Sautéed Spinach


Tender spinach with a hint of garlic, Parmesan cheese and sweet balsamic vinegar makes a quick and flavorful side dish. The sturdy leaves of mature spinach hold up best during cooking. Source: EatingWell.com, September 2020

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Roasted Fresh Green Beans


After a few minutes in a super-hot oven, these roasted green beans are delightfully browned but still tender. This simple sheet-pan vegetable side dish is great with grilled or roasted meats. Source: EatingWell.com, November 2017

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Broccoli Rabe with Orange & Sesame

You can go without using oil if you are cooking broccoli rabe in the dry heat of a skillet. It adds a nice sear to the oranges as well. Seasoned with toasty sesame, this healthy vegetable side dish is an easy flavor upgrade. Source: EatingWell Magazine, December 2019

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Quick Vegetable Saute


Add a little shallot and dried dill or tarragon to any mixture of frozen vegetables and have a delicious side dish on the table fast. If you'd like to make this recipe with fresh vegetables instead, cut them into bite-size pieces and add a tablespoon or two of water to the skillet when you add the vegetables; adjust the cooking time as needed. Source: EatingWell Magazine, May/June 2010

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Sautéed Mushrooms with Sherry & Shallots


Sweet sherry and fresh rosemary complement the earthy taste of sautéed mushrooms in this easy side dish. This quick low-carb side is the perfect accompaniment to steak or pork, or try it as a burger topping. Source: EatingWell.com, February 2020

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Sesame Sugar Snap Peas

This super-quick vegetable side dish comes together in no time. Fresh snap peas need only a few minutes in a hot skillet-just enough time to whip up a simple soy-ginger glaze. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine, Summer 2018

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Sautéed Zucchini & Onions with Chive Butter


Switch up the chives for whatever's growing in your garden--basil or dill would also be delicious in the compound butter that tops this simple sautéed zucchini recipe. Source: EatingWell Magazine, June 2020

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Roasted Balsamic Vegetables

These robust, seasoned vegetables pair beautifully with any quick-cooking entree. Try them with steak, chicken, pork chops, or salmon. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine

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Broiled Fennel with Parmesan Cheese

The nutty saltiness of Parmesan cheese is an excellent match for the sweet, delicate licorice flavor of fennel in this quick and easy side dish recipe. Source: EatingWell Magazine, May 2019

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Broccoli and Cauliflower Sauté


Mix up these nutrient-packed cruciferous vegetables for a flavorful and healthy side dish. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine

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Broccoli Rabe with Cannellini Beans

Broccoli rabe can be a bitter bomb. Some people love it, while others… not so much. In this easy recipe, we cook the broccoli rabe for a few minutes in boiling water to tame its bitter bite. Serve with roasted chicken and potatoes. Source: EatingWell Magazine, November/December 2016

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Roasted Summer Squash


Choosing quick-roasting vegetables like zucchini and summer squash is obvious when you need a fast side dish for dinner. Olive oil, salt, and pepper are the only seasonings you'll need and this recipe will be on the table in just 20 minutes. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine

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Grilled Asparagus


Grilling is a simple and fast way to cook asparagus that yields a delicious result every time. Trimming off about one inch of the asparagus yields the best flavor--the ends are tough and hard to chew. Source: EatingWell.com, March 2018

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Spinach and Garbanzo Beans


This is no ordinary wilted spinach recipe--it's dressed up with shallot, pine nuts, and garbanzo beans for a tasty side dish for meat or chicken. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine

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