28 Dinner Recipes with Zucchini

Greek Vegetarian Stuffed Zucchini

It's the end of zucchini season and we're enjoying every last bit of it with these dinner recipes. Whether you sauté it, turn it into noodles or shred it, use up all of your zucchini with ease. Recipes like Balsamic Chicken Pasta Bake with Zucchini Noodles and Greek Vegetarian Stuffed Zucchini are healthy, filling and a delicious option for dinner tonight.

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Zucchini Lasagna Rolls with Smoked Mozzarella


This healthy riff on lasagna rolls uses strips of zucchini instead of lasagna noodles for a vegetable-packed dinner that's fun for the whole family. This is a great recipe for kids to help make--let them get their hands dirty rolling the zucchini ribbons with the cheesy filling. Use a vegetable peeler or mandoline to quickly slice the zucchini into uniform thin strips--this will ensure easy rolling and even cooking. Source: EatingWell Magazine, May 2019

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Zucchini-Chickpea Veggie Burgers with Tahini-Ranch Sauce

Zucchini-Chickpea Veggie Burgers with Tahini-Ranch Sauce

This vegan burger recipe is one you'll want to make again and again. Savory chickpea and zucchini patties are topped with a creamy, herb-flecked tahini ranch sauce, juicy tomato slices and peppery arugula for a satisfying and healthy homemade veggie burger. Serve them on buns or stuff them in pitas. We recommend making extra sauce--it's a great dip for veggie sticks and, thinned with a little water, it makes a wonderful salad dressing. Source: Eatingwell.com May 2019

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20-Minute Chicken Cutlets & Zucchini Noodles with Creamy Tomato Sauce

20-Minute Chicken Cutlets & Zucchini Noodles with Creamy Tomato Sauce

This low-carb chicken dinner whips up in only 20 minutes, thanks to thin-cut chicken breast and packaged zucchini noodles. If you have a spiralizer and want to make your own zucchini noodles, use two medium zucchini. Source: EatingWell.com, January 2020

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Slow-Cooker Vegetable & Chicken Meatball Soup


Don't skip cooking the onions for the meatballs. This step softens the onions so they more easily add their sweet flavor to the meatball mixture. Best part? This slow-cooker meatball soup only requires 25 minutes of hands-on time. Source: Everyday Slow Cooker

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Balsamic Chicken Pasta Bake with Zucchini Noodles

Balsamic Chicken Pasta Bake with Zucchini Noodles

Packed with plenty of vegetables and tons of flavor, this chicken pasta bake is inspired by the ingredients in a caprese salad. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine, Fall 2020

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20-Minute Creamy Italian Chicken Skillet

20-Minute Creamy Italian Chicken Skillet
Jason Donnelly

Chicken cutlets cook quickly and are highlighted with a creamy sauce made with tomatoes, zucchini and Italian seasoning. This recipe is sure to become a new weeknight favorite the whole family will love. Serve it with whole-wheat pasta or rice to make it a meal. Source: EatingWell.com, July 2020

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Greek Vegetarian Stuffed Zucchini


These vegetarian stuffed zucchinis are perfectly tender and fresh with the flavors of the Mediterranean. Olives and feta cheese deliver a nice salty bite, while quinoa adds a nutty flavor, along with protein and fiber. Source: EatingWell.com, May 2020

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Bursting with fresh vegetables, this classic Provençal stew is wonderful with eggs, pasta or grilled fish. Source: EatingWell Magazine, October 1998

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Thai Tofu & Vegetable Curry with Zucchini Noodles

tofu veggie curry

For this quick Thai curry recipe, we've combined tofu and plenty of veggies with a flavorful sauce made with red curry paste, lime juice and coconut milk. Serve the curry over lightly warmed zucchini noodles to get even more veggies in your weeknight dinner. Bonus: Everything is cooked in one skillet, so there's only one pan to wash after dinner. Source: EatingWell.com, April 2019

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Asparagus, Zucchini, and Sweet Pepper Crepes with Orange Cream


A delicious vegetarian dinner option, these homemade whole-wheat and flax crepes are filled with asparagus, zucchini and sweet peppers and a healthier cream sauce made with a blend of tofu and Greek yogurt. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine

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Turkey & Zucchini Burgers with Corn on the Cob


Shredded zucchini keeps these lean turkey burgers moist and sneaks extra vegetables into your meal. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine, Summer 2020

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Lemon-Pepper Linguine with Squash


Thinly sliced zucchini and summer squash bulk up this easy vegetarian pasta recipe. Saving a bit of the starchy pasta-cooking water to toss with grated cheese, herbs and bright lemon at the end is the secret to a fast, silky no-cook pasta sauce. Source: EatingWell Magazine, May/June 2018

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Easy Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles

Easy Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles
Diana Chistruga

Enjoy classic shrimp scampi lightened up with a white wine-butter sauce and zucchini noodles in place of pasta. The tomatoes add some sweetness and color, while the cheese contributes nuttiness and richness. Source: 400 Calorie Recipes

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Zucchini Pizza Boats

zucchini pizza boats on a white cutting board
Jen Causey

Turkey pepperoni, olives and diced tomato fill these stuffed zucchini boats. Ricotta and melted mozzarella cheese make this a fun twist on pizza without all the carbs. Source: EatingWell.com, May 2020

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Slow-Cooker Chicken Soup with Zucchini & Hominy


This excellent chicken soup--packed with hearty, nutritious ingredients--is easy to make and may become your new standby. It makes enough to freeze a portion for easy lunches or when you need to deliver food to someone in a pinch. Source: Everyday Slow Cooker

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Gnocchi with Zucchini Ribbons & Parsley Brown Butter


For this recipe, convenient store-bought potato gnocchi are tossed with delicate ribbons of zucchini, shallots and cherry tomatoes that have all been sautéed in nutty browned butter. Source: EatingWell Magazine, June/July 2006

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Turkey & Ricotta Stuffed Shells


This crowd-pleasing, make-ahead pasta dish uses lean ground turkey instead of ground beef and sneaks in zucchini, which helps you eat more vegetables and helps keep the filling moist. Assemble the shells and then freeze to bake off on a busy day for easy, healthy meal prep at its best. Source: EatingWell.com, September 2018

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Chicken & Zucchini Casserole

Chicken & Zucchini Casserole
Photographer /Antonis Achilleos, Prop Stylist / Kay Clarke, Food Stylist / Emily Nabors Hall

This baked chicken and zucchini casserole is creamy, hearty and low-carb! The whole family will love this easy casserole, plus it's a great way to get the kids to eat their veggies (concealed in a delicious cheese sauce!). Source: EatingWell.com, May 2020

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Slow-Cooker Italian Turkey Sausage & Squash Lasagna

Kids will love this lasagna made with turkey sausage in the Crock Pot--and parents will love that it's packed with vitamin-rich zucchini and squash! The veggies also add moisture to the slow-cooker lasagna, which keeps it from drying out. Serve with garlic toast, if desired. Source: Everyday Slow Cooker

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Chicken Udon Bowl with Zucchini Noodles

Mix udon and zucchini noodles for a lower-carb noodle bowl that's full of flavor thanks to the finger-licking-good peanut sauce. Using leftover chicken will save you even more time on this quick dinner recipe--you can whip it up in about 10 minutes. Source: EatingWell.com, July 2018

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Grilled Zucchini & Tomatoes with Polenta

Two summertime favorites--grilled zucchini and fresh tomatoes--are served over creamy polenta in this easy, healthy dinner. Feel free to swap whole-wheat pasta for the polenta for an even faster meal. Source: EatingWell Magazine, July/August 2019

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Tuna-Zucchini Pasta


The sauce for this pasta recipe comes together quickly in one skillet while your spaghetti noodles cook on the next burner. Zucchini, fragrant basil, fresh tomato, and canned tuna combine to make a sensational topping for the whole-grain spaghetti in this 30-minute meal. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine

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Tofu Kebabs with Zucchini & Eggplant


We've divided the tofu and veggies onto separate skewers because the tofu is delicate and sticks to the grill more easily than the eggplant and zucchini. If you like, swap halloumi cheese for the tofu for another twist on this combination. Source: EatingWell.com, April 2018

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Zucchini Fritters with Orange Shrimp

Orange-ginger marinated shrimp are served alongside crispy zucchini fritters with a yogurt-based dipping sauce in this simple main dish recipe. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine

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Trapanese Pesto Pasta & Zoodles with Salmon


Trapanese pesto is the Sicilian version of the sauce that uses tomatoes and almonds instead of pine nuts. This savory pesto sauce coats low-carb zucchini noodles and heart-healthy seared salmon to create an absolutely delicious pasta dinner. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine, Spring 2019

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Zucchini & Corn Enchiladas

Zucchini & Corn Enchiladas

Skip rolling and just layer these quick and easy enchiladas. This recipe uses a quick blender sauce, but if you're short on time, pick up a can of your favorite red enchilada sauce in the international aisle of your grocery store--you'll need about 3 cups. Source: EatingWell Magazine, November/December 2018

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Grilled Chicken with Banyuls Wine & Charred Zucchini

The bird is spatchcocked and grilled in this five-ingredient chicken recipe, cutting cooking time in half. A glug of Banyuls, a fortified red wine from the Occitanie region of France, adds special flavor to an otherwise-simple marinade. Try NV Domaine La Tour Vieille Banyuls Reserva ($27). Source: EatingWell Magazine, July/August 2018

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Smoked Sausage-Stuffed Zucchini

Zucchini holds a flavorful filling of smoky sausage, brown rice and red bell pepper in this healthy dinner recipe. Opt for smoked paprika if you want to give your zucchini an extra burst of smoky flavor. Source: EatingWell.com, May 2018

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