13 Soup Recipes Perfect for Summer

While soup might not be the first thing that comes to mind in the summer, these recipes are perfect for using up the season's fresh produce. We pack these soups with ingredients like tomatoes, corn and squash to create a healthy meal. Whether it's a cold soup or a seafood-packed chowder, these soup recipes are delicious. Recipes like Lobster & Corn Chowder and Summer Corn Tortilla Soup are refreshing, tasty and make the most of seasonal produce.

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Easy Tomato Gazpacho


Many gazpacho recipes are thickened with bread, but this one uses just vegetables, making it a gluten-free refresher for a hot summer day. The key to any flavorful gazpacho is giving it time to rest. The flavors meld and become cohesive when the soup is allowed to sit a bit before serving. Source: EatingWell.com, July 2018

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Lobster & Corn Chowder

Lobster & Corn Chowder

The trick to making this healthy lobster chowder recipe have tons of rich flavor is to start with great fish stock. (The best is often in the freezer case at the supermarket.) Then cook the lobsters in the stock to intensify its flavor. There is no flour added in this healthy soup, so it's lighter than a typical creamy chowder--plus it's gluten-free. Source: EatingWell Magazine, July/August 2017

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Ravioli & Vegetable Soup

Ravioli & Vegetable Soup

Fresh or frozen ravioli cook in minutes and turn this light vegetable soup into a main course. Look for whole-wheat or whole-grain ravioli in the refrigerated or frozen section of the supermarket. Tortellini can be used instead of ravioli as well. Recipe by Nancy Baggett for EatingWell. Source: EatingWell Soups Special Issue April 2016

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Roasted Tomato and Vegetable Soup

Roasted tomato and vegetable soup in a bowl

This veggie-packed side-dish vegetable soup can be made in the slow cooker. Just make a few tweaks (see Variation). Source: Diabetic Living Magazine

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Instant Pot Summer Corn & Crab Chowder

a bowl of soup with corn and crab

Sweet corn and tender lump crabmeat go together wonderfully to make this rich, hearty chowder. This colorful, quick and easy Instant Pot soup makes a great starter for a summertime meal. Source: 400 Calorie Recipes

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Creamy Cucumber Dill Soup


A combination of avocado and yogurt gives juicy cucumber just the right amount of creaminess in this rich chilled cucumber soup. Source: EatingWell Magazine, June 2020

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Squash & Corn Chowder


In this healthy corn chowder recipe, heavy cream is replaced with milk and flour-thickened chicken broth and we keep sodium amounts reasonable with lower-sodium broth. By making your own homemade creamy vegetable and corn chowder, you'll save up to 300 calories, 20 grams of saturated fat and 500 milligrams of sodium per serving compared to many store-bought or restaurant chowders. Source: EatingWell Magazine, Soup Cookbook

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Golden Summer Squash & Corn Soup


Pureed summer squash makes a delicious base for this summery squash and corn soup. Start your meal with the soup or enjoy it as a light lunch. Fresh thyme and briny feta cheese give it fabulous flavor. For a variation, try the soup with any herb you have on hand or goat cheese in place of feta. Source: EatingWell Magazine, July/August 2009

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Chilled Melon Soup


This refreshing summer soup is a great starter for dinner on the patio on a summer evening. Try any variety of melon in this recipe. Serve leftover soup with salad for lunch the next day. Source: EatingWell Magazine, July/August 2009

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Creamy Corn Soup with Crispy Bacon


Using fat-free milk and reduced-sodium chicken broth makes this classic corn soup a healthier option, but still allows for a creamy taste. Sprinkle some bacon on top for a punch of extra flavor and crunch. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine

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Herby White Gazpacho


This take on gazpacho replaces the tomato with melon or grapes for a sweeter taste and gets its silky texture from Marcona almonds. If you can't find them, use skinless almonds and add 1 tablespoon oil and a pinch more salt. Source: EatingWell Magazine, July / August 2020

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Summer Corn Tortilla Soup


Take advantage of local fresh corn and whip up this 40-minute Mexican-inspired summer soup recipe. It's topped with creamy avocado slices and crispy corn tortillas, but you can make it next-level by adding a dollop of nonfat plain yogurt, a bit of grated Cheddar, and/or chopped scallions. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine

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Chilled Strawberry-Rhubarb Soup


Sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb are whirled together in this chilled soup. Serve it as a starter for an early-summer supper. Source: EatingWell Magazine, May/June 2011

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