18 Vegan Cocktails That Everyone Will Love

frozen rainbow margaritas

Make a delicious vegan cocktail for tonight's happy hour. These cocktails use fun, natural ingredients like maple, beets and watermelon to add color and flavor and are completely free of animal ingredients like milk, eggs and honey that are sometimes found in cocktails. After all, who needs egg whites to create a frothy drink when you have aquafaba (the water from a can of chickpeas)? Whether you use tequila, gin, wine or bourbon, these cocktails are sure to become favorites. Drinks like Frozen Rainbow Margaritas and Whipped Frozen Creamsicle are refreshing, tasty and perfect for all.

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Whipped Frozen Creamsicle

Whipped Frozen Creamsicle

For those of you who always loved to run to the curb to buy a little bit of summer on a stick, this drink is right up your alley. The secret to the straight-from-the-ice-cream truck taste of this creamy frozen treat? Double the fruit! A little bit of frozen mango helps thicken the drink naturally in the blender while boosting the juicy flavor of fresh orange juice. Unsweetened vanilla coconut milk brings just a hint of sweetness while keeping this added-sugar-free and vegan. You could also use a sweetened coconut milk if you prefer a little more sweetness. Enjoy this refreshing and nostalgic drink on its own, or add a splash of your favorite vodka or rum for a summer happy hour indulgence. P.S.: Unlike the ice cream version, this one travels well in an insulated cup if you want to take it poolside! Source: EatingWell.com, June 2020

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Pomegranate Margaritas


Who says margaritas are just for summer? This pomegranate twist on a cocktail favorite is good all year long--elegant enough for the holidays and fun enough for an outdoor barbecue. Source: EatingWell.com, April 2017

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Sagey Gin Gimlet


Bright and refreshing, this gin gimlet is made with sage-infused simple syrup and muddled fresh sage. This light and festive cocktail is perfect for fall gatherings, such as Thanksgiving. This recipe makes enough simple syrup for about 8 cocktails and can easily be doubled for a crowd. Source: EatingWell.com, September 2019

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Frozen Rainbow Margaritas


Celebrate Pride Month--or any other occasion that calls for rainbows--with these vibrant, tropical-flavored frozen margaritas! This four-layer fruity cocktail uses only natural ingredients and colors, including a quick infusion made with dried butterfly pea flowers that makes for a dramatic pop of blue. This rainbow margarita is bright and citrusy, with dominant flavors of strawberry and pineapple. Feel free to use fresh or frozen fruit in these pretty margs. Source: EatingWell.com, June 2020

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Classic Mai Tai


A traditional mai tai is an easy-to-make cocktail made up of two kinds of rum, orange liqueur, lime juice and almond syrup. If you don't happen to have all those goodies just hanging out in your kitchen cupboards, we'll show you how to make a slight variation that is just as delicious. Source: EatingWell.com, May 2020

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Beet-Infused Gin & Tonic


Roasted beets add earthy sweetness to this riff on a summer classic from Lake Avenue Restaurant & Bar in Duluth, Minnesota. You'll end up with a big batch of infused gin for easy gin and tonics down the road. Experiment as you will--its earthy flavor plays nicely with bitters and amaros in other cocktails. Source: EatingWell Magazine, June 2020

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Classic Daiquiri


If you're at home and looking for a quick tropical happy hour escape, this strikingly simple daiquiri is just what the doctor ordered. All you need is rum, fresh lime juice and sugar to feel those beachy vibes in the comfort of your own home. Source: EatingWell.com, May 2020

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Tequila Sunrise


This easy-to-make and easy-to-drink staple cocktail gets its stunning color from grenadine. If you don't have grenadine on hand, you can make your own or use simple syrup. While you won't get the color, it will still taste great and that's what's important! You can use freshly squeezed or store-bought orange juice to make this drink; freshly squeezed will make for a sweeter cocktail. Source: EatingWell.com, April 2020

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The Good Farmer Cocktail


This bourbon-spiked lemonade cocktail recipe is a spirit-lifter at the end of the day. If bourbon isn't your thing, rum, gin or vodka would all make delicious substitutions. Source: EatingWell Magazine, July/August 2015

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Smoky Tajín Margarita


This easy margarita recipe is like vacation in a glass. A bit of the chile-lime seasoning Tajín on the rim of your glass contrasts with the sweet orange and agave. Source: EatingWell Magazine, May 2020

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Classic Negroni


This brilliant red bittersweet cocktail was first created in Italy about a hundred years ago and remains a widely popular aperitif. Made with staple home bar bottles, the Negroni is a great cocktail to brighten up your happy hour. Don't have gin? Substitute bourbon or rye whiskey to make a classic boulevardier! Source: EatingWell.com, April 2020

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Maple Whiskey Sour


If you're looking for an easy happy hour recipe, but feeling a little limited on ingredients, we've got a bit of good news: you don't have to have a fully stocked bar to turn out a delicious whiskey sour. Hopefully, you've got a little whiskey or bourbon lying around, a bit of maple syrup and fresh citrus. And if you're really looking to elevate your beverage, add some aquafaba to the mix. While not necessary, it stands in for the traditional egg white to create a lovely layer of foam at the top. Source: EatingWell.com, April 2020

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Jalapeño Margaritas

margarita in a cocktail glass garnished with jalapeno slices and citrus slices

This reduced-sugar jalapeño margarita is a drink with a kick! We sweeten this zippy cocktail with fresh orange juice and just a touch of simple syrup steeped with slices of jalapeño. If you like the heat, add more chile slices to the sugar mixture. Source: EatingWell.com, February 2020

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Elderberry Sunset Cocktail


This refreshing cocktail calls for elderberry syrup--if you've tried trendy St-Germain elderflower liqueur, which is made from the same plant, the flavor of elderberry syrup is somewhat similar but not as floral. Stock up on the syrup for this cocktail and for your health--research shows that it can help you recover from a cold faster. (One brand, Sambucol, is widely available in supermarket supplement sections.) Source: EatingWell Magazine, July/August 2019

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Old Fashioned Cocktail


Everyone should know how to make this classic cocktail. Old Fashioneds are easy to make and timeless. Source: EatingWell.com, March 2018

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Rose Mojito


A homemade simple syrup fragrant with delicate rose petals is an easy way to elevate cocktail hour. Find dried rose petals online, or in the bulk herb section of well-stocked supermarkets and natural-foods stores. Source: EatingWell Magazine, May/June 2018

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Red Wine Cooler


It's so simple to mix up a tasty wine cooler that's friendly to your special diet, and nothing is better for warm summer evenings. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine

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A 3:1 ratio of whiskey to vermouth is the best for this classic Manhattan recipe. This cocktail never goes out of style. Source: EatingWell.com, March 2018

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