12 Spinach Salads That Are Getting Us SO Excited For Spring

Spinach-Strawberry Salad with Feta & Walnuts

Winter is starting to loosen its grip—at least in some parts of the country!—and spring is right around the corner. Step away from hearty soups and bring in the new season with something fresh. From our Spinach-Strawberry with Feta & Walnuts (which went viral on social media) to the Best Caesar Salad with Crispy Parmesan, we have pulled together some of our favorite spinach salad recipes with all of the flavors we have been missing in the colder months. And if ingredients like strawberries and raspberries aren't popping yet in your neck of the woods, not to worry—we've also included some salads with heartier ingredients like apples and sweet potatoes.

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Spinach-Strawberry Salad with Feta & Walnuts

Spinach-Strawberry Salad with Feta & Walnuts

Sweet strawberries, salty feta and crunchy walnuts jazz up a simple spinach salad. The balsamic vinaigrette is incredibly easy; fresh shallots add more zip than you'll find in any commercial dressing. Source: EatingWell.com, February 2019

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Apple-Cranberry Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese


The tangy-sweet dressing in this spinach salad beautifully amplifies the apples and cranberries--and the creamy goat cheese transforms it into the perfect salad. Tasters raved about this easy fall salad. If you can't find Pink Lady apples, any sweet, crisp apple is a worthy substitute. Want to make this salad a main meal? Top with some rotisserie chicken, chickpeas or tofu. Source: EatingWell.com, October 2019

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Spinach Salad with Blueberries, Almonds & Halloumi

The combination of sweet berries, crunchy almonds and salty cheese in this spinach salad really can't be beaten. Pan-fried bites of the Greek cheese halloumi are a delicious stand-in for croutons. A simple shallot vinaigrette is made right in the same bowl as the salad, so this stunning summer salad is quick and easy to prep too. Source: EatingWell.com, June 2019

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Best Caesar Salad with Crispy Parmesan


For a nutrient-packed twist, this healthy Caesar salad features spinach and kale in addition to romaine. But it's the Parmesan crisps that make this salad holiday-worthy. Serve it for Thanksgiving or any other special meal. Source: EatingWell Magazine, November 2019

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Spinach Salad with Raspberries, Goat Cheese & Hazelnuts

This pretty spinach salad couldn't be easier to make: just whisk together a simple vinaigrette in a serving bowl, then toss it with spinach, goat cheese and hazelnuts. Feel free to swap in your favorite nut for the hazelnuts--this simple salad would also be lovely with pecans, walnuts or almonds. The key is the combo of sweet fruit, tangy vinegar, creamy and salty cheese and crunchy nuts. Serve with grilled chicken or your favorite protein for a healthy dinner that comes together in a snap. Source: Eatingwell.com, June 2019

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Strawberry Spinach Salad with Avocado & Walnuts


Serve this summery strawberry spinach salad alongside soup or a half sandwich, or top with grilled chicken or roasted salmon for a complete and easy healthy meal. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine, Summer 2019

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Spinach Salad with Roasted Sweet Potatoes, White Beans & Basil


Roasted sweet potatoes are paired with spinach, cabbage and white beans and tossed together with a bright basil dressing in this healthy main dish salad. Source: EatingWell.com, December 2019

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Spinach & Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing


Homemade poppy seed dressing pairs beautifully with tender spinach, crunchy almonds and juicy berries for a fantastically refreshing and easy spring salad. To make ahead, whisk dressing, combine salad ingredients and store separately. Toss the salad with the dressing just before serving. To make it a complete meal, top with grilled chicken or shrimp. Source: EatingWell.com, February 2019

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Spinach, Apple & Chicken Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing & Cheese Crisps


Swap out store-bought for this tangy homemade buttermilk and poppy seed dressing to take this healthy salad recipe to the next level. For an even more impressive meal, make your own crunchy cheese crisps in a snap, using phyllo dough, for a delicious accompaniment to this dinner salad. Make extra dressing to keep on hand for other salads throughout the week. Source: EatingWell Magazine, April 2019

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Apple & Cheddar Side Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette


This salad is easy and festive--the perfect healthy addition to your holiday table. The no-sugar-added dressing blends well with the sweet notes of apple and sharp Cheddar cheese, and crunchy pecans round out the dish. Source: Eatingwell.com, October 2018

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Warm Pear & Spinach Salad with Maple-Bacon Vinaigrette


Mature, larger-leaved spinach holds up better to the warm bacon vinaigrette than baby spinach in this healthy spinach salad recipe. If you don't want the spinach to wilt, let the dressing cool before tossing it with the salad. Source: EatingWell Magazine, November/December 2015

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Fresh Asparagus-Tomato Salad


Topped with Parmesan cheese and pine nuts, this tasty green salad is perfect for any barbeque or picnic. Source: Diabetic Living Magazine

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