Diabetes-Friendly Cocktails and Mocktails


Looking for a fun and fresh drink that won't ruin your healthy eating plan? Our diabetes-friendly cocktail and mocktail recipes use a variety of ingredients including fresh fruit, club soda, and sugar substitutes. Enjoy our favorite skinny cocktails -- alcoholic and nonalcoholic -- that everyone will love.

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Bourbon Hot Cocoa

Bourbon Hot Cocoa

Chocolate and bourbon? Say no more. Make this delicious hot chocolate recipe from scratch on a cold winter day.

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Mojito Mocktails


These minty mojito mocktails would be great at a luncheon, a brunch, a baby shower, a pool party—basically whenever you find that a cool, refreshing beverage would be welcome. Be sure to add the ice cubes and sparkling water just before serving to avoid diluting this pitcher cocktail (which is easily doubled to serve a crowd, by the way).

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Blackberry-Rosemary Vodka & Soda


Blackberries give this vodka cocktail its gorgeous hue and jammy flavor. Use the leftover simple syrup to mix up drinks for friends or skip the vodka for a mocktail.

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Blood Orange Margaritas


Fresh blood orange juice gives this stunning pink cocktail just the right balance of sweet and sour. For the perfect finish, upgrade the salt rim on your glass by mixing in a little orange zest to add to both the presentation and flavor of these skinny margaritas.

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Rosemary-Ginger French 75

Rosemary-Ginger French 75

Rosemary and ginger add a flavorful twist to a classic citrusy gin cocktail topped with a little bubbly for a festive libation.

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Elderflower Champagne Cocktail

elderflower champagne

Elderflower adds sweet and fruity notes that mingle seamlessly with mint in this refreshing Champagne cocktail.

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Tangerine Bourbon Sidecars


A fresh twist on a classic cocktail, this quick drink recipe uses sweet tangerine juice to balance the tang of bourbon.

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Basil Lemonade


Basil and lemon pair beautifully in this refreshing summer sipper, sweetened with a touch of honey. Make ahead and allow the mixture to infuse for 30 minutes to 1 hour before straining for a stronger basil flavor.

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Red Wine Cooler


It's so simple to mix up a tasty wine cooler that's friendly to your special diet, and nothing is better for warm summer evenings.

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Hot Cider with Apple Brandy & Spices


A natural, cloudy apple cider is delicious for this exotically spicy and aromatic winter warmer, but if you desire a sparkling-clear drink, apple juice can be substituted. Calvados, which is a French apple brandy, adds richness. If you wish to omit it, just add more cider or juice.

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Grape-Pineapple Mint Fizz


The sweet flavors of grape and pineapple fuse with fresh mint in this quick and tasty summer drink.

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These refreshing summery drinks can be made with or without alcohol.

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Raspberry Ginger Lime Seltzer

Raspberry Ginger Lime Seltzer

Raspberries, lime, and ginger sparkle in a homemade soft drink that's the taste of summer in a glass. This homemade soda has three parts: fruit concentrate, simple syrup, and seltzer water. Store all three components in the fridge separately, then mix just before serving.

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Pumpkin-Spice Hot Toddy

pumpkin spice hot toddy

Flavored decaf tea adds a seasonal twist to a traditional hot toddy recipe. You can use any flavor of tea for this easy cocktail, but we love the comforting notes of pumpkin-spice in the fall and winter.

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Fizzy Rosemary Cider Mocktail

fizzy rosemary cider mocktail

Many types of mocktails are high in sugar, but this easy mocktail cuts down on the calories and carbs by using club soda and our sugar-free simple syrup recipe.

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