Cocktails That Aren't Sugar Bombs


It's not news that boozy cocktails can contain a lot of sugar, whether naturally occurring in fruit juice or added in simple syrup or other flavored liqueurs. If you're drinking more than one or two, your sugar intake can easily skyrocket (not to mention your hangover will worsen). These fun cocktails are at most 8 grams of added sugar per serving, allowing you to indulge without consuming a week's worth of added sugar. Remember: always enjoy in moderation.

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Pomegranate Margaritas


Who says margaritas are just for summer? This pomegranate twist on a cocktail favorite is good all year long--elegant enough for the holidays and fun enough for an outdoor barbecue.

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Elderflower Champagne Cocktail

elderflower champagne

Elderflower adds sweet and fruity notes that mingle seamlessly with mint in this refreshing Champagne cocktail.

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Rosemary-Ginger French 75

Rosemary-Ginger French 75

Rosemary and ginger add a flavorful twist to a classic citrusy gin cocktail topped with a little bubbly for a festive libation.

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Tangerine Bourbon Sidecars


A fresh twist on a classic cocktail, this quick drink recipe uses sweet tangerine juice to balance the tang of bourbon.

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Cran Razzy


To keep calories in check, we like to use seltzer along with juice in drinks like vodka and cranberry. This version gets a raspberry twist with cranberry-raspberry juice and raspberries for garnish. For the prettiest garnish, start with big, plump fresh raspberries and freeze them yourself.

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Watermelon Gin Fizz


This pretty pink cocktail would be perfect for a bridal shower luncheon. Any leftover pureed juice is refreshing on its own.

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Plum & Cider Sangria


In this apple cider sangria recipe, we've skipped the added sugar and used hard apple cider, apple liqueur and tons of fresh fruit to create a delicious, yet healthy cocktail.

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Salty Chihuahua


This is a Mexican-inspired take on the Salty Dog

(usually made with grapefruit juice, vodka and salt).

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