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What Do You Eat, Drink or Do to Feel Better?

Your kids have a comfort blankie; you’ve got a comfort ratty college sweatshirt.

When you’re sick—whether it’s a cough that won’t quit or a case of the flu—everything gets 10 times harder. Forget working out, grocery shopping, and showing up at the office (your coworkers would rather not catch anything—promise). So don’t! Take advantage of your newfound free time and the excuse to do whatever makes you feel better. What’s your go-to?

Do you: Go for the comfort food?

If you want the comfort of microwaveable mac ‘n cheese, get the microwaveable mac ‘n cheese. Eat it slowly. Close your eyes and, for one moment, pretend that you’re five again and your mom just made this for you.

Do you: Binge-watch your guilty-pleasure TV show?

The reality TV savants among us know that there’s no better feeling than watching Tyra Banks send home an aspiring model for not smizing well enough. So pick your poison: adventure competitions, dating shows, Jeopardy, The Great British Bake-Off and grab some cough medicine so you can hear what they’re saying.

Do you: Catch up on the light beach read you’ve been hiding from your book club?

Pride and Prejudice has a time and a place, and it’s not now. A short, summer-y novel—code for “doesn’t require much critical thinking”—always delivers easy, feel-good laughs and never feels like homework.

Do you: Take a bath with extra bubbles?

Bubbles baths aren’t just for kids. They’re also for adults who don’t feel well. If you’re running a fever, just keep the water lukewarm and pile on the bubbles.

Do you: Wear your favorite, rattiest, coziest sweatshirt?

It might be your worn-in college sweatshirt, your partner’s sleep shirt, or a sweater you’ve had since forever. Bonus points if you just hang out in your pajamas and feel zero guilt for it.

Do you: Drink hot chocolate?

The least cool of hot drinks, hot chocolate is both a dessert and a deliciously warming beverage that’ll make you feel a little less miserable at a time when you can’t want for much more than that.

Do you: Light every single candle you can find?

Turn your sick day into a spa day by lighting all your candles. It may make your sick day so pleasant that you might forget you’ve been coughing.

Do you: Catch up on the busy work you’ve been putting off?

If you’re always on the go, it may be tough to slow down and take care of yourself, even when you’re sick. Maybe you organize the mountain of Tupperware, fill out school forms for your kids, or figure out where you put that one thing. Just make time to rest, too!