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7 Ways to Have a Healthy Binge-Watch

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After a long, hard week, nothing feels better than leaning into the weekend with a cozy blanket and the latest season of your favorite show. It’s like self-care before self-care was cool. To make binge watching a healthier habit—that is, without consuming empty calories or developing a new crick in your neck—take a few of these good-for-you precautions. 

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1. Go to the Gym 

Before you even begin hunting for the remote, grab your sneakers and go. Whether you opt for a walk, lifting, or Spin class, a good sweat session will offset your afternoon plans. If it’s just too miserable out to leave the house, use an app to get your workout on at home. You’ll have earned that couch potato status. 

2. Stretch Between Every Episode 

Use the endless credits to your advantage. Take this time to do a downward dog, a few jumping jacks, or an overhead reach, then take a lap around the house. You’ll get your blood flowing and can stave off any weird aches from sitting too long.  

woman stretching

3. Stash Healthy Snacks Only 

Stock your kitchen with better-for-you treats, not candy. Load up on fruit and nuts, or make your own munchies ahead of time. Some suggestions: chocolate-cherry snack barsair-popped popcornBrussels sprout chips, or a healthier version of your favorite dip. And start your day with a multivitamin like Centrum, which has vitamins and minerals to support your immune system, energy, and metabolism. 

4. Practice Mindful Watching 

If you’re going to spend quality time with the television, make sure you’re actually watching. If you find you’re dozing off, scrolling through social media, or not giving the movie your full attention, this could be sign it isn’t worth your time. In this case, you may be better served doing something else, like taking a walk or working on a hobby.  

5. Slap on a Sheet Mask 

Why not multitask with a hydrating mask? Apply your favorite sheet mask, watch an episode of your fave sitcom, then take it off. Then, massage any remaining serum into your skin for lasting radiance and hydration. 

6. Phone a Friend 

Before you press play, recruit a buddy to binge with. Making a social connection can be good for your mental health, plus, this’ll prevent the isolation that comes with holing up and watching hours of TV. 

7. Schedule an End Time 

Whether it’s making dinner with your best friend or a catch-up call with your sister, plan ahead of time an activity that does not involve watching the next episode. This way, you won’t be watching until the wee hours of the night and cutting into your sleep routine. 

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