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These flavorful recipes use five ingredients or less (not including basics you probably already have in your kitchen, like salt, pepper and oil) and prove that you don't need much to make a great meal.

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These delicious dinners are packed with healthy ingredients and ready in 20 minutes or less.

ThePrep: 15-Minute Meals for Your Busiest Weeknights

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Three ingredients (not including basics like oil, salt and pepper) are all you need to get these flavorful spring dinners on the table.

How to Meal-Prep a Week's Worth of 3-Ingredient Breakfasts in Just 15 Minutes

One of the best parts of waking up might just be having a really satisfying breakfast waiting for you. With less than a handful of ingredients you can prep a week's worth of delicious options in no time.

ThePrep: A Week of 400-Calorie Mediterranean Meals

With plenty of veggies, healthy fats and lean protein sources, these healthy Mediterranean-inspired dinners will help you feel your best all week long.

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