Food with Purpose

These people and organizations are inspiring and helping others through their work with food.

Featured Stories

Gardening Gives the Kids of Migrant Workers a Head Start
Gro More Good Garden Grants lets kids get their hands dirty and teaches them about where their food comes from.
This Woman Uses Extreme Couponing to Help Feed Thousands of Homeless People
Lauren Puryear has fed more than 150,000 people using her extreme couponing skills.
This Woman Makes Healthy School Lunches Kids Actually Want to Eat
Betti Wiggins works hard to make school lunches delicious, nutritious—and free—at schools in Houston, Texas.

More Featured Stories

This Nonprofit Helps Underserved Families Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
Wholesome Wave helps make produce more affordable to help families make healthier choices.
This Woman Started a Nonprofit to Help Food-Insecure Families with Food Allergies

Emily Brown started the Food Equality Initiative to reinvent they way we think about food pantries.