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How to drink wine, beer and spirits in a healthy way from EatingWell's food and nutrition experts.

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5 Budget-Friendly Wines to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Feast, According to an Expert
Thanksgiving is hectic enough as it is. The last thing you want is to be lost in the wine aisle or struggling to select bottles within your budget at the local wine shop. To avoid all that, we've asked an expert for his top Thanksgiving wine picks.
Baked by Melissa Wants You to Put Their New Mini Pies in Your Beer, Here's Why
Plus, we sat down with founder Melissa Ben-Ishay to talk more about the sweet Blue Moon partnership and her favorite holiday traditions.
What Is Mirin and How Do You Use It?
Mirin is a pantry staple in many kitchens, especially those where a lot of Japanese cooking is done. But many cooks, even those who have used it before, may not know exactly what mirin is. Read on to find out what you need to know about mirin and how to use it.
5 Most Popular Wines
Wondering what's the best wine to choose? To help you narrow it down, we've listed the most popular types of wines so you can find something everyone might like, plus provided a few of our favorites. Bonus: they're all under $20.
The Best—and Worst—Types of Alcohol to Prevent Hangovers
Can certain types of alcohol actually prevent you from getting a hangover? Here's what the research says.

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