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Soup Swap

How to Safely Host a Soup Swap
With a few precautions, you can still share delicious soups with friends and family with these tips from our Test Kitchen.
How to Turn Any Vegetable Into Creamy Soup
Got extra veggies? Broccoli starting to soften? Here's how to turn them into silky smooth soup with a simple formula.
How to Freeze Soup So It Tastes as Delicious as the Day It Was Made
Soup is one of the best meals to make-ahead because it freezes so well. Here's how to store your soup in the freezer for the best results.
How to Make the Best Chicken Soup, According to Our Test Kitchen
With just five simple steps, you'll have a bowl of warm and hearty deliciousness.

Veggie-Packed Soups to Try

50 Soups You'll Want to Make Forever
Whether you prefer a hearty stew, a creamy bisque or a cool gazpacho, we're sure you'll find the perfect bowl for you.
20 Soups You Can Make in 20 Minutes
Make an easy lunch or dinner with these quick soup recipes. These soups come together in just 20 minutes of active cooking time thanks to ingredients like frozen or canned vegetables. 
Ina Garten Reveals the Worst Party She Ever Threw—and What She Learned

The Barefoot Contessa wasn't always an entertaining pro. She says, "It took a year to build up the courage to give another party."