How to Eat Healthy

Learn how to eat healthy with smart and practice advice and recipes from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

Healthy Foods

7 Must-Eat Fermented Foods for a Healthy Gut
Try these probiotic-rich foods for gut health. The good bacteria may improve digestion, boost immunity, promote a healthy weight and more.
The 5 Best Foods & Nutrients to Eat More of for a Healthy Immune System
During cold and flu season, how can you bolster your defenses against germs? Include these 5 foods and nutrients in your diet to help you stay healthy.
9 Rules for How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee
Become a coffee guru with these simple steps for the best cup of joe, right at home.
7 Foods for Better Sex—Plus a Few to Avoid
Curious what foods can increase libido and what to eat for a better sex life? These seven foods could spice up your time between the sheets.
The Right Way to Prepare Oatmeal and 5 Tips for Making It Better
Oatmeal is a satisfying, healthy morning meal. Here are cooking instructions for quick-cooking oats, old-fashioned oats and steel-cut oats.
10 Foods with More Protein Than an Egg
When you're looking for a high-protein food to eat, these healthy options all deliver more than 6 grams.

Tips for Healthy Eating

The Best and Worst Carbs to Eat for Inflammation
Attention, carb lovers: here's what you should be eating more of to reduce inflammation (plus some things you may want to avoid).
9 Healthy Tips to Help You Start Eating a Vegan Diet
If cutting out meat, dairy and eggs leaves you confused about how to eat a healthy, balanced diet, you're in the right place.
What's the Difference Between Insoluble and Soluble Fiber, According to a Dietitian

You know fiber is good for you. But did you know that there are two types of fiber, both with distinct roles in the body? Here's how insoluble and soluble fiber work together to help control cholesterol, keep your digestive system running smoothly and more. Plus, how to choose foods with insoluble and soluble fiber.