Meal Plans for Diabetes

Try our delicious meal plan for diabetes, designed by EatingWell's registered dietitians and food experts to help you manage your blood sugar and eat healthfully on a diabetic diet.

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7-Day Diabetes-Friendly Meal Plan for High Cholesterol
Lower your blood sugar while improving heart health in this one week diabetes-friendly plan for high cholesterol.
Diabetes Meal Plan for Beginners
This beginners meal plan starts with the basics and shows you what a week of healthy, easy eating for diabetes looks like. Whether your were just diagnosed or have had diabetes for years, you'll find plenty of healthy eating inspiration here.
7-Day Budget-Friendly Dinner Plan for Diabetes
You can plan affordable, delicious, nutritious meals when you have diabetes even if you're on a budget. This 7-day dinner plan includes a balance of affordable whole grains, vegetables, lean meats, plant-based proteins and heart-healthy fats.
11 Carbs People with Diabetes Should Be Eating, According to a Dietitian
When you have diabetes, choosing complex carbs can help keep your blood sugar stable to stay energized all day long. Here's what a dietitian and certified diabetes educator says.
Prediabetes Diet Plan
This easy 7-day meal plan helps jump-start healthy lifestyle changes to lower blood sugars and reduce risk of developing diabetes—without sacrificing flavor.
7-Day Diabetes-Friendly Dinner Plan the Whole Family Will Love
Everyone in the family will enjoy these delicious dinners that have the right balance of carbs, protein, and fiber to help keep blood sugar levels stable.

More Meal Plans for Diabetes

7-Day Meal Plan for Pre-diabetes
This healthy 1,200-calorie weight-loss meal plan for diabetes makes it easy to balance your blood sugar.
Diabetes-Friendly Meal Plan for High Blood Pressure
This easy meal plan for diabetes will help you lower your blood pressure while keeping your blood sugars in check—all while eating deliciously.
30-Day High-Fiber, Diabetes-Friendly Dinner Plan

This 30-day high-fiber dinner plan is full of nutritious and tasty meal ideas, and it's well-suited for a diabetes-friendly eating pattern.