Diabetes Diet Center

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Diabetes Basics

Can You Follow a Plant-Based Diet if You Have Diabetes? Here's What You Need to Know
Cutting down on animal foods can be beneficial to health, but it's important to do it the right way if you have diabetes.
Is Intermittent Fasting Safe for Diabetes?
Learn more about intermittent fasting and if there are benefits and drawbacks to trying it when you have diabetes.
The Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Diabetes
Here's what to eat to reduce inflammation and improve insulin resistance.
11 Low-Carb Snacks for Diabetes
How to build a healthy snack if you have diabetes. Plus, easy ideas for what to snack on.
Diabetes-Friendly Meal Plan for High Blood Pressure
This easy meal plan for diabetes will help you lower your blood pressure while keeping your blood sugars in check—all while eating deliciously.
10 Best Diabetes-Friendly Foods to Buy at Costco
If grocery shopping at Costco seems overwhelming, start here! These 10 foods are registered dietitian-approved for people with diabetes.

Healthy Lifestyle

15 Diabetes-Friendly Breakfasts That Are Packed with Fiber
To help you reap the benefits of getting enough fiber each day, these breakfasts include at least 6 grams of fiber per serving. Plus, each recipe focuses on complex carbs, like whole grains, and sticks to heart-healthy levels of saturated fat and sodium for a meal that fits perfectly into a diabetes-friendly routine.
21 Diabetes-Friendly Lunches to Help Reduce Inflammation
Healthy ingredients that can help reduce chronic inflammation, like salmon, avocado, beans and kale, take center stage in these delicious lunches. Each of these recipes focuses on complex carbs, like whole grains, and is low in saturated fat and sodium, so they're a perfect fit for your diabetes-friendly routine.
11 Diabetes-Friendly Dinners for One That Are Perfect for Summer

Treat yourself tonight with a healthy and delicious dinner for one. Ingredients like avocado, lemon and tomato throughout these recipes put bright and refreshing summer flavors front and center. With complex carbs like whole-wheat pasta and lower amounts of saturated fat and sodium, these meals fit easily into a diabetes-friendly eating pattern. After trying them, you will want to make recipes like our Cast-Iron Personal Veggie Pizza and Mediterranean Pasta Salad all summer long.