Popular Diet Program Reviews

EatingWell food and nutrition experts review some of the most popular diet programs to see if they're worth trying.

Understanding Different Diets

What Is the Vertical Diet?
Does this diet—which is part low-FODMAPs, part low-carb—actually work? And should you try it? We'll tell you.
The Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Is It Right for You?
An anti-inflammatory diet focuses on eating foods that help fight inflammation, and avoiding foods that can cause it. But can it really help?
What Is a Healthy PCOS Diet?
High insulin levels can lead to many health issues. For women with PCOS, weight gain isn't uncommon, and losing weight can be difficult. A healthy PCOS diet helps you manage your blood sugar levels, treat symptoms and maintain your weight.
Why the Mediterranean Diet Is So Healthy
Learn more about the world's healthiest diet and how it can help you look and feel better.
What Is a Low-FODMAP Diet and What Can You Eat?
This restrictive elimination diet isn't meant to be sustained long-term. Learn how to get started, what foods are allowed, what foods you should watch out for, and why it may be beneficial for you.

Tips for Popular Diets

7 Science-Backed Lessons We Learned From the Real Mediterranean Diet
This storied heart-healthy diet was first studied the island of Crete. Learn what made their diet so healthy.