Vitaly Paley

This scallop crudo recipe gets a flavorful addition with shaved truffles. To make thinly slicing the scallops easier, freeze them until they are firm but not frozen, about 20 minutes, and then slice.
Beet Carpaccio with Truffles
Rating: Unrated
Put a vegetarian spin on this classic Italian dish. Thin slices of beet, glossy with olive oil, make this salad look like beef carpaccio, especially if you use red beets.
Raw asparagus and mâche give this salad a crisp bite and a spring vibe. Along those lines, chef Vitaly Paley, of Paley's Place in Portland, Oregon, sometimes swaps thinly sliced raw artichoke hearts for the asparagus to deliver a similar mild, fresh crunch.
The technique for how to make soft scrambled eggs, which has its origins in France, requires you to whisk the eggs constantly as they cook and transforms the humble eggs into a light, savory custard. This is where the toast comes in: use it to scoop up every drop.