Sonja Overhiser
Sonja Overhiser

Sonja Overhiser

Title: Food Writer

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Education: Indiana University, 2000-2004

Expertise: Recipe development, plant-based eating, healthy eating, whole-food diets, cookbook writing, food photography

- Co-founder of A Couple Cooks, an award-winning recipe website
- Author of Pretty Simple Cooking cookbook


Sonja Overhiser is a cookbook author and recipe developer with 10 years of experience as a professional recipe writer.

She co-founded and runs the award-winning recipe website A Couple Cooks with her husband Alex. The site contains over 3,000 recipes and articles related to home cooking. She's the author of the acclaimed cookbook Pretty Simple Cooking and a contributor to The Washington Post/Food.

Her expertise in healthy plant-forward cooking has landed her on the Today show and in the pages of Bon Appétit. With several entrepreneurial and activism-oriented projects under her belt, Sonja is on a mission to make the world a better place—one bite at a time.

She co-founded the Food Wellness Equity Collective, an organization that champions equity in the food and wellness industry.

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