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Sara Haas, RDN

Sara is a food and nutrition expert with formal training in culinary arts. She has been a registered and licensed dietitian since 2002 and a professional chef since 2008. She works as a consultant chef and dietitian with a focus on freelance writing, recipe development and food photography.

Sara is the author of the Taco! Taco! Taco! cookbook and co-author of the Fertility Foods Cookbook. Her cooking, nutrition and food expertise have been featured in all forms of media. She also loves conducting cooking demonstrations and enjoys speaking at conferences, expos and other engagements.

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Rating: Unrated
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Rating: Unrated
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The tahini sauce does double duty in this healthy salmon recipe, serving as a glaze for the fish and also as a drizzle for the entire dish at the end of cooking. The green beans are cooked just slightly in this recipe, to still be crisp. If you like your green beans tenderer, look for thinner beans or haricot verts in the grocery store; they'll cook more quickly. This sheet-pan dinner recipe is not only delicious--it also comes together with just 25 minutes of active prep time, and there's only one pan to clean up afterwards!
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