A portrait of Penelope Wall

Penelope Wall

Penelope Wall is EatingWell's digital content director. She has a bachelor's degree in English and studio art and a minor in French from Middlebury College. Growing up in Vermont with a Puerto Rican father and English mother, Penelope's exposure to different food traditions has always been quite varied and diverse. She spent a summer in college working on a small dairy farm, bottling milk and making cheese, butter, ice cream and yogurt. She's also traveled to France more than a half dozen times, including living there twice, and those experiences deeply impacted her outlook on enjoying good life and good food.

Penelope is a natural wine enthusiast and big supporter of the growing wine community in Vermont, where she lives. She is a nature lover and will try to get outdoors whenever she can with her husband and two kids. On the weekends you'll find them hiking, paddle boarding, traveling and snowboarding.

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