Nora Singley

This chicken ballotine is a delicious, impressive meal for the holidays. Deboning a chicken takes time and skill. Our recommendation: get your butcher to debone it, then you can stuff and roll it.
Thinly sliced zucchini and summer squash bulk up this easy vegetarian pasta recipe. Saving a bit of the starchy pasta-cooking water to toss with grated cheese, herbs and bright lemon at the end is the secret to a fast, silky no-cook pasta sauce.
The bold, peppery bitter greens in this easy salad recipe offset the sweet honey vinaigrette. It makes a great starter or side dish--or top it with chicken and roasted potatoes and you can serve it for dinner.
The cheesy-seedy crust that tops this healthy cauliflower casserole recipe evokes everything bagels. Serve for the holidays or as a hearty side dish with roast chicken.