Nadine Bradley, RD, CNSC
Nadine Bradley, RD, CNSC

Nadine Bradley, RD, CNSC

Title: Consultant

Location: Irvine, California

Education: B.S. in Human Nutrition, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Expertise: Heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver disease, sports nutrition, anti-inflammatory diets, sustainable weight loss
- Worked in clinical settings and virtual nutrition counseling


Nadine Bradley is a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified nutrition support clinician who performs nutrition reviews on EatingWell recipes. She first got into nutrition as a competitive athlete, primarily focusing on how to nourish her body for peak performance. Over time, her interest in nutrition evolved beyond the soccer field and gymnastics mat as she found food freedom and a love for cooking nourishing meals that support health and longevity.

As an RD, Bradley has worked in various clinical settings, treating patients with diverse health conditions and specializing in organ transplant and donation. She describes her counseling style as flexible, shifting based on her clients' needs, and she focuses on providing education and making her clients feel comfortable and safe.