Michelle Edelbaum
Michelle Edelbaum

Michelle Edelbaum

Michelle Edelbaum leads the digital content strategy, editorial and social teams for EatingWell, Food & Wine, Liquor, Serious Eats and Cooking Light. Before that, she oversaw digital editorial teams for EatingWell and Allrecipes. Under her leadership, EatingWell has grown to attract millions of followers on social media and its website. Michelle joined EatingWell as an editor in 2008 and has written about and interviewed Michael Pollan, Jamie Oliver, White House executive pastry chef Bill Yosses and several Olympians. Over the years, she has also participated in hundreds of taste tests in the EatingWell Test Kitchen—an admitted perk of the job, but also an opportunity to get an inside scoop on food trends and new cooking techniques.

Prior to EatingWell, Michelle wrote about health, food and entertainment as a features reporter at the Burlington Free Press, worked in public relations representing socially responsible businesses and also spent time as a reporter at the East Hampton Independent. During her time at Penn State University, Michelle studied abroad in Spain. On a trip through Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany, Michelle tried spices, flavors and foods from different cultures and found new perspective on eating truly fresh, local food. After graduating, Michelle moved to Vermont and fell in love with biking and cross-country skiing, the amazing local food scene, beautiful mountains and Lake Champlain.

Michelle and her husband, Josh, have two sons. Michelle's hidden talent in the kitchen is making dinners out of "nothing" (especially on busy nights), like sautéing veggie bits and a little cheese from the fridge and serving it with rice or pasta and adding a jar of something delicious from her overstocked pantry. Michelle loves to cook and to pass her excitement along to the boys, including them in the cooking process—from making a grocery list to chopping, cooking at the stove and doing the dishes. The family stays active outdoors by hiking and snowboarding and helps to organize a charity mountain bike ride and trail run, raising tens of thousands of dollars to fund research on a friend's health condition.
Homemade Almond Milk
Rating: Unrated
This almond milk is so creamy and flavorful, you'll want to drink it on its own. Store-bought almond milk is convenient, but homemade almond milk is relatively easy to make and less expensive too. Plus, making your own almond milk at home allows you to control sweeteners and other additives. Apart from the dates, which are inherently sweet, this recipe is unsweetened—add a little honey, maple or agave syrup for sweetness, if desired.
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