Melinda Joe

Title: Contributor

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Education: Degree in Fine Arts and Literature, University of California, Berkeley

Expertise: Food, sake, wine, spirits, farming, cooking, Japan, international travel

- Tokyo-based food and drink expert
- Certified sake and wine specialist


Melinda Joe is an American journalist based in Tokyo with more than a decade of experience writing about food and drinks. A Japan Times columnist, she has been published in Condé Nast Traveler, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Newsweek, Departures and other publications and websites.

After earning a degree in fine arts and literature from the University of California, Berkeley, she relocated to Tokyo, where she has been based for more than a decade. Her writing has been translated into four languages, and she has co-authored travel books with Frommer's and other publishers .

A certified sake and wine specialist, she has been a panel chair for the sake division at London's International Wine Challenge since 2014. As a private consultant and content creator, she has helped brands communicate their message to global audiences.

Melinda is a respected journalist and expert in the field of gastronomy. She has covered all aspects of the topic, from food and drink production to dining and the leaders pushing for change in the hospitality industry. Having traveled to more than 30 countries for work, she has a comprehensive knowledge of food cultures across the globe.

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