Maxine Yeung
Maxine Yeung

Maxine Yeung, M.S., RD, NBC-HWC

Title: Dietitian and Nutrition Writer

Location: San Jose, California

Education: B.A. in Business Administration, Emory University; M.S. in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, New York University

Expertise: Nutrition, wellness, healthy eating, fitness

- Over a decade of experience as a registered dietitian
- Owner of The Wellness Whisk, a nutrition and wellness counseling practice


Maxine Yeung is a nutrition writer who is passionate about eating to nourish the mind, body and soul. As a former pastry cook turned registered dietitian and health and wellness coach, she truly believes all foods fit. Her recommendations are evidence-based and focus on providing both taste and nutrition.

She started her food career working in restaurants and was invited to train under a pastry chef when he noticed she was hanging out in his area of the kitchen and asking questions. After working as a pastry cook for a few years, Maxine realized she wanted to learn even more about food and the science behind it and went on to become a registered dietitian. She has worked at major hospitals in both New York and California, outpatient clinics and in corporate wellness.

Maxine is the owner of The Wellness Whisk, LLC, a nutrition and wellness counseling and consulting practice in the Bay Area, California. 

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