Lidia Bastianich

Breadcrumbs on pasta are known in Italy as the poor man's cheese and they are often used instead for lactose-sensitive individuals. This treatment is quite popular in the southern regions of Italy, such as Sicily, Calabria and Basilicata.
Ribollita Soup
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Ribollita, a traditional hearty Tuscan soup, typically uses day-old bread to add body and thicken the broth. This ribollita recipe uses a bean mash, which keeps the soup gluten-free and adds fiber. Garnish with extra-virgin olive oil or pepper and grated Parmesan.
Frisée and radicchio are both assertive, slightly bitter greens that add color and texture to any salad. Match them with mellower-flavored greens, such as red leaf lettuce, baby spinach or even Boston lettuce.