Julie Kendrick
Julie Kendrick

Julie Kendrick

Title: Contributing Writer

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Education: B.A. in English/Writing, Webster University; M.A. in English/Writing, University of Missouri

Expertise: Food-related nonprofits, restaurants, chefs, food service workers, farmers and ranchers

- Award-winning freelance writer
- Thought leadership ghostwriter


Julie Kendrick writes about the people behind the most delicious food on the planet. Her work has appeared in EatingWell, Allrecipes, Condé Nast Traveler, Livestrong, HuffPost, Costco Connection and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Julie is happiest in a kitchen, chatting with food professionals, and even happier when someone offers her a taste of a delicious work in progress. She's written about family restaurants, historical milestones, homegrown businesses, and nonprofits that feed communities.

She works in everything from short form (140 characters) to 3,000-word-plus feature articles. She's interviewed chefs, scientists, farmers, ranchers and even the woman behind the world's great popcorn popper, the Whirley Pop.

In addition to working as a freelance writer and full-time UX content strategist, she serves as a thought leadership ghostwriter to help clients tell compelling stories in blogs, social media and publications.

Julie won the SPJ Page One first-place award issued by the Society of Professional Journalists in 2020. In addition, the Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association recognized her work with an MMPA Excellence Award in 2017 and the Parenting Media Association issued an Editorial Award for her work.

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