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Joy Howard is a cookbook author, food stylist, and recipe developer. She writes a regular column about cooking with kids for the print edition of EatingWell, is the author of Disney Eats, and is a frequent contributor to America's Test Kitchen and Parents, among other brands and publishers.
Mini Vegan Chocolate Tarts
Rating: Unrated
These mini chocolate tarts make for the perfect afternoon baking project. Here, we use the microwave to melt chocolate and coconut milk into a simple ganache filling. Top it off with a ripe raspberry or switch up fruit for variety. 
Basting pork in garlic and butter keeps chops moist and infuses them with flavor. Complemented by a light, citrusy salad, this dish is guaranteed to make kids eat their greens.
Curry Chicken Potpie
Rating: Unrated
Here, the crust goes on the top instead of the bottom, inverting the classic chicken potpie recipe, so be sure to get the one that comes as a roll instead of already in a tin.
From slicing to dicing, learn how to cut zucchini for use in salads, side dishes and more.
Parmesan and breadcrumbs combine for a crispy chicken topping without having to go through the full dredging process.
Learn to properly slice tomatoes for sandwiches, cut them into wedges for salads and dice them for sauces and salsas with this step-by-step guide.
Broccoli—just like pasta—makes a tasty pairing with sharp Cheddar. Here, we've combined all three ingredients in a homey casserole that's baked in a cast-iron skillet. Replacing some of the pasta in the dish with vegetables makes it more nutritious and helps you cut down on carbs.
10-Minute Tuna Melt
Rating: Unrated
This variation of a classic sandwich uses mayonnaise, but not where you think! Mayo is brushed on the outside of the sandwich in place of butter to make the sandwich golden and crispy as it heats in a skillet. Plain Greek yogurt takes mayo's place in the salad—along with crunchy celery, roasted red bell peppers and scallions—for a satisfying lunch with less saturated fat.
A complex marinade including ginger, lime, cinnamon and habaneros makes these oven-baked drumsticks delightfully savory with a spicy kick. A simple cabbage slaw, which comes together in minutes, is the perfect accompaniment.
Gazpacho with Scallop Skewers
Rating: Unrated
We give this classic summer soup a protein-packed upgrade by pairing it with skewers of grilled scallops seasoned with citrusy compound butter. Make a little extra to spread on grilled bread to serve alongside.
In place of bacon, this satisfying salad uses store-bought crispy chickpeas for lower saturated fat and less prep time. Using fresh herbs, bright citrus and a creamy base of yogurt and mayonnaise for the dressing gives it a flavorful finish.
Broccoli and snow peas add color, crunch and, of course, 1 1/2 servings of vegetables per person to this easy stir-fry. Serve over rice or rice noodles to absorb every last bit of the sauce.
Just as its name suggests, you only need one pot to make this satisfying pasta dish featuring fresh spinach, red bell pepper and broccoli, along with a generous portion of shrimp. To make the light, creamy sauce, residual pasta water is cleverly combined with Parmesan cheese.
Cauliflower Oatmeal
Rating: Unrated
We'll admit, a breakfast cereal made from a cruciferous vegetable sounds a little far-fetched—but our testers were pleasantly surprised by this warm and cozy recipe! Flavored with cinnamon, vanilla and just a touch of sweetness, it's a nutritious alternative to a grain-based bowl that adds a serving of vegetables to your morning meal.
Gribiche is a classic French sauce made with pantry items including capers, cornichons and Dijon mustard, plus fresh parsley and hard-boiled eggs. It's often served with cold meats or vegetables, but here we pair it with roasted fish and asparagus for a bright and acidic burst of flavor.
Chipotle Tofu Tacos
Rating: Unrated
Here, we tear the tofu instead of cutting it. That might sound odd, but it's the best way to get crisp, crumbly edges reminiscent of fish tacos. Coating with a flavorful cornstarch mixture helps maximize the crunch.
Chipotle chile powder is made from smoked jalapeño peppers that are dried and ground, giving this stew a hint of smoky flavor.
Making your own roasted red peppers is so simple, plus it cuts down on the sodium compared to jarred peppers—giving you more room to add other flavorful ingredients, like mustard, without making the dish too salty.
This delicious vegetarian lasagna recipe showcases seasonal vegetables. Butternut squash brings a sweet richness while spinach gives it a nutrition and flavor boost. As a bonus, this recipe makes an extra lasagna that you can freeze for an easy holiday-season meal.
Pickled vegetables bring this Italian pork sandwich recipe to the next level. The pickling liquid from the giardiniera soaks into the bread and coats the roasted pork, adding an extra hit of flavor.
Here's the best way to cut a papaya, plus ideas for using it in recipes.
Blend and shape a batch of wholesome bites—and get inspired to invent your own version—with this easy step-by-step.
Combine a little work-ahead meal prep and the quick-cook ability of a multicooker, like the Instant Pot, and you get quick & easy dinners with just the click of a button.
Whether you're a meal-prepping pro or just want some new healthy lunch and snack ideas, these copycat Starbucks bistro boxes are a game changer in packable meals. Find out what you need and how to do it to save time and money—and keep it healthy.
Move over, pastry! From cauliflower crust to potatoes, zucchini and more, we've created a simple recipe formula for turning garden-fresh veggies into a healthy low-carb, low-calorie base for your favorite quiche filling.