Jenni Ridall Lata
Jenni Ridall Lata

Jenni Ridall Lata

Title: Recipe Developer and Stylist

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Education: B.A. in Art History, University of Virginia; studied classic French culinary technique and philosophy at Le Cordon Bleu; M.B.A. with focus on Hospitality Revenue Management, College of Charleston

Expertise: Recipe development, home cooking, entertaining, Southern regional cuisine, restaurant operations

- 15-plus years experience in food & beverage
- Founder of TK Test Kitchen 


Jenni Lata is a recipe developer, food and prop stylist and restaurant consultant based in Charleston, South Carolina. Her work has appeared in national food magazines, including EatingWell, Southern Living, Garden & Gun and The Local Palate.

Jenni has worked for four James Beard Award-winning chefs, restaurateurs and cookbook authors, tested and developed hundreds of recipes, and written over a dozen specialized restaurant health department plans.

She is the founder of TK Test Kitchen, a culinary consulting firm that offers creative and administrative support to chefs, cookbook authors and culinary brands.

Jenni has been a behind-the-scenes culinary assistant, organizer and cook. She has tested, styled and developed recipes across all media platforms, including cookbooks, newspapers, print magazines and digital outlets. She is a member of the Charleston chapter of Les Dames d'Escoffier.

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