Jacqueline Weiss
Jacqueline Weiss

Jacqueline Weiss

Title: Contributor

Location: Los Angeles, California

Education: B.S. in Journalism, Emerson College

Expertise: Vegan, healthy eating, sustainability

- Vegan since 2016
- Journalism degree from Emerson College


Jacqueline Weiss is a freelance writer and creator who's passionate about making healthy eating and cooking accessible to all. Her work has appeared in outlets including The Spruce Eats, Eat This Not That and Taste of Home.

Jacqueline has been in love with food her whole life. Growing up with two parents in the food industry fostered her love of cooking from a young age. She spent hours watching the Food Network as a child.

Jacqueline attended Emerson College, graduating with a degree in journalism before taking on a variety of freelance writing positions and social media manager roles. She has written about food, entertainment, TV and more for outlets that include PerezHilton.com, Inside and Apartment Therapy.

She has been vegan since early 2016 and enjoys introducing new dishes and concepts to her friends and readers online. When she's not writing, you'll find her trying new eateries in her home of Los Angeles, hunting for the best matcha latte or experimenting in the kitchen.

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