Flora Tsapovsky
Flora Tsapovsky

Flora Tsapovsky

Title: Contributor/Writer

Location: San Francisco, California

Education: B.A. in Communication and Media Studies, Tel Aviv University; M.A. in Communication and Media Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Expertise: Food, design, travel, culture and gadgets 

- Teaches fashion journalism and social media
- Founder of the Parlar Series website


Flora Tsapovsky is a food, culture and beauty writer who splits her time between San Francisco and Tel Aviv. Her work has appeared in Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, Civil Eats, InStyle, EatingWell, Southern Living, Elle, Wired, the San Francisco Chronicle and other regional and national publications and websites.

She has nearly two decades of experience covering food, culture, style and tech. Prior to moving to the Bay Area from Israel, she was a beauty editor at Israel's leading women's website.

Since 2018, she has taught fashion journalism, feature writing and social media at the Academy of Art University in the San Francisco Bay area.

Flora writes feature stories and articles on local and global style and food trends, cultural phenomena, tech innovation and newsworthy ventures and initiatives by interesting people. She enjoys in-depth research, untold stories, micro trends and niche narratives.

She is the founder of  Parlar Series, a series of curated conversations about key concepts in life.

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