Elizabeth Shaw MS RDN CPT
Elizabeth Shaw MS RDN CPT

Elizabeth Shaw, M.S., RDN, CPT

Title: Contributing Writer

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Education: M.S. in Dietetics, Northern Illinois University
- B.S. in Food and Nutrition, San Diego State University

Expertise: Nutrition, health, wellness, fitness, fertility nutrition
- Graduate certificate in eating disorders and obesity from Northern Illinois University
- Author of four cookbooks


Elizabeth Shaw is a nutrition expert, cookbook author, freelance writer and certified personal trainer. She believes that all foods can fit into a balanced lifestyle and shares these tips via her blog, Shaw's Simple Swaps. As a busy mom, Elizabeth is all about cooking with convenience and health in mind, and she's written books like the Instant Pot Cookbook For Dummies, Air Fryer Cookbook For Dummies, Fertility Foods Cookbook and The Stress-Free IVF Nutrition Guide.

Elizabeth has served as a nutrition media authority on local and national television, discussing the importance of food and nutrition as key players in health. She's written for and been quoted in publications such as EatingWell, Prevention, Eat This, Not That, Yahoo and many others.
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